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  1. Texture help needed.

    HDR light studio is good at this type of job. Maybe c4d lighting tool could do the job? Or you can find pre-made hdr light texture and spin it along all axis until you like the result. Don't forget about nice beveled edges to give your lights something to reflect on.
  2. Creating a wave on a bottle

    Hm okay, 1, with polygon tool selected, you can select the wave, the right click and choose split. You have a new object. Move it down. 2, delete polygons as per image 3, connect objects + delete so you have single object again, in edge mode select edge loops as per image 4, stitch and sew command (hold shift while dragging from one edge to other) 5, repeat for bottom part Many ways of doing it.
  3. Creating a wave on a bottle

    This is what you need? You can just delete half of your object and mirror the points, use symmetry, use bevel... whatever way you like. wave test 2.c4d
  4. How to Render an Object + Shadows ?

    Rendering in multipass is a good idea in your case. You can get separate layer for shadows and ambient occlusion and multiply them over beauty in PS.
  5. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Back in the days withou HB tools, I did my caps like this. Best case scenario, you have similar size quads on your caps. HB bundle handles this perfectly.
  6. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    Quad cap fill is one of the tools available in HB MODELLING BUNDLE. You have to pay for it. Unless someone here can point to a free alternative? EDIT: some good tips from CBR, many of the methods (spin edge, screw thread,...) have been shown in Making it look great 11 : Hard surface modeling tactics for c4d which I consider to be the best modelling tutorial for c4d and I've seen heaps of them - free and paid. This one, I never regret spending my money on it.
  7. Favorite Lighting Tools

    Not to my knowledge, no.
  8. Favorite Lighting Tools

    Hdr light studio is my exclusive 3rd party lighting tool. That's all I use, really for product visualizations.
  9. You can google plenty of diamond modeling tutorials, which you can apply to the crystal glass. You can achieve faceted look by deleting phong tag.
  10. Should be doable with greyscalegorilla hdri studio rig or hdri pack. But first, download some hdr maps for free here: http://fav.me/d1lzo9m Maybe you don't have to spend money if you can be satisfied with free maps.
  11. 3D archaeology volunteer work

    Hm, I would gladly quit my job for something like this... Assuming lidar scanning and retopology of the final mesh in selected 3d app. Why use c4d? It's not very good for this type of work in my opinion.
  12. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    Grant offers great discount on his courses: masteringcgi.com.au In case someone hasn't seen them yet.
  13. Realistic human animation in C4D?

    I saw couple years ago a motion capture tutorial utilizing C4D and Kinect. Just do some googling and maybe it will inspire you.
  14. freelance digital artists

    You can check them without an account: cghero.com/freelancers/ Some artists have image samples below the profile.
  15. freelance digital artists

    Seems @Igor has already joined the club. I wonder if it's actually worth the effort to join or it is more like artist directory kind of website (which don't seem to do much in terms of bringin' new clients).