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  1. 8 hours ago, deck said:

    Brilliant, tho a bit fast for me too, and what is a "quad cap fill", used to close the bottom of the whiskey glass. I think its a circular patch made of quads, do you you just get a square plane and smooth it off with a brush for that or is there a trick to get a nice circle from a square ?


    Much appreciated, just visualising topology is tricky for me, let alone building it.




    Are the gifs downloadable ?.........Sweet, when I download and open on my mac, they open in preview with a page for each frame, Fantastic.

    Thanks Cerbera

    Quad cap fill is one of the tools available in HB MODELLING BUNDLE.

    You have to pay for it. Unless someone here can point to a free alternative?


    EDIT: some good tips from CBR, many of the methods (spin edge, screw thread,...) have been shown in Making it look great 11 : Hard surface modeling tactics for c4d

    which I consider to be the best modelling tutorial for c4d and I've seen heaps of them - free and paid. This one, I never regret spending my money on it.

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