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  1. (just to be sure, I made your quote in BOLD letters!!!)
  2. Hallo Branco. As you might know by now, this is a Cinema 4D forum, I am not clear about the rules here. The file your shared is missing all the assets, next time do a save with assets (dependencies -> collect files) and zip that folder. I am not seeing any keyframes for the Puppet pins, but I can't see much without the proper textures.
  3. I knew it was somewhere, but why is this under character? I know you are not the c4D coder, but maybe you can provide the logic here..
  4. That method doesn't seem to work if the seed is in a shader, works nice for a landscape. Thanks for the suggestion. I could spend days on hunting this down, but I just made 20 different rocks and made them editable in less than 4 minutes, so sometimes 'more work' is way faster. Still can't remember how to access clones with xpresso.
  5. I done this before. can't figure it out, might as well just ask. I want to build an Asteroid field, using a sphere and a displacer. I want to clone this sphere numerous times to create a field. Every Asteroid needs to look different. I was hoping someone can show me an Xpresso rig, that can give every clone a different seed, of the noise shader I use in the Displacer. *I know I can use World Space, but I wanna move the clones around without changing them. AstroidField.c4d
  6. In version r18 you can use a honeycomb array, and otherwise I explained the Null trick in your other question.
  7. The easiest way is to use an Object, like a cylinder, or a plane that is bend. And clone on that. Now, to get the brick pattern, there is this Null trick. The trick is to clone a Brick AND a NULL. You will not see the null, but since it is cloned as well, it creates that brick offset. The cylinder I use had 18 height and 34 rotation segments, you need to play with these values to get the correct look.
  8. But your texture has alpha, why care what the shape is? Option B is adding another material, before the one with the skull, and make that 100% transparent. Just enable only the alpha channel, in the texture slot, enable color and make the color pure black. AND: If it still not working, please upload a simplified scene file (just one with the logo), and we let the big boys here look at it ;)
  9. Well, that seems like a mapping problem. In your texture tag, you changed UV mapping to something else, and turned of Tile ? Without fixing everything in Texture mode, for an easy solution, I would suggest this: Do NOT use a disc for this, because the weird UV's, better use a Plane, apply the texture, and scale the plane as needed. If it still not working, please upload a simplified scene file (just one with the logo), and we let the big boys here look at it ;)
  10. Transparency in a PNG file is called Alpha. So just load the same picture in the Alpha slot of a material.
  11. This can happen if your objects are made from multiple parts. What you can try is putting the object in a Null object, and than scale that Null instead.
  12. /start rant... Have you never done multiple a loop selections (U-L), hit the L one too many times, and it took like a few seconds to realize you selected the 'enable axis' again. And since you now screwed up the axis for the selected stuff, you have to undo, and just to be sure, undo too much, and well, you have to redo that selection again. I am sorry man, I wasted soo much time on that little mistake, that and bad booleans are biggest annoyance in Cinema4D /end rant.... Also, not sure what to do with the enable axis, just don't use it enough, I always use the "axis center" popup, since every time I need it, I need my axis to be exactly on a edge or in a corner.
  13. I don't know octane, but since it is just a black and white value, isn't it as simple as doing a levels (clamp your blacks or whites) in post? Or am I missing something obvious?
  14. Why they have the 'block everything option' under the letter 'L' is still beyond me..... If I wasn't so lazy I would disable it.
  15. Wow, this one is cool! result is really nice!