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  1. How was this made?

    All I see are some cloned capless cylinders with a Displacer deformer set on the Y axis and a clever noise set to world space.Put that in Cloth Surface for thickness, put that in a Subdivision surface for more smoothing. And maybe a Spherify to get that angle. The animation is done with well... any effector, to exactly replicate that look is tricky. (I used just a plain effector with a Vibrate Tag). Awesome Tut on Something similar. I am not going to waste time with materials, that is up to you. Peakzzz.c4d edit: hope this works in your version. edit2: looks even better if you take some segments of a sphere instead of a cylinder.
  2. Mograph arrays of lights with random

    Better way to make it less repetitive, make a Cylinder, and clone on that as an object, on the surface. Than hide the cylinder.
  3. See through object

    I just tried this with a cube, yes should be possible. (although I know nothing about the Unity side). Give the whole booth your glass material. Now, select the polygons on the outside, and make those the red Phone Booth material. In the red material tag, set the Side to Front.
  4. Does your plane have any subdivisions which cause them to invert/overlap on themselves when you bend it? Either less subs or less bend, or use AE to make a picture wave.
  5. This post glow (C4D glows are rendered as last) doesn't show up as nice as in the octane render, for the simple fact that the glow does not reflect. And any plugin you throw in at AE or PS will not reflect, because they are not made for 3D.
  6. Seems your light is behind the concrete block. I think when you copy that block to a new file it renders ok.
  7. 3D Model of London

    In Sketchup 3D warehouse there are a lot of London buildings you can grab. Requires a lot of touching up though.
  8. Beeples BURSTTT

    Beeple doesn't do Houdini, he said this was TFD. (was in a comment to the link of the 'nonsymmetrical' version). It is a fluid/cloud simulation, cut on the beat.. you don't need a sound effector if you can count beats ;) Still not sure if the rainbow/lights are post or C4D, but there some Optical Flares there as well.
  9. railroad tracks building on

    You could use a cloner object, to clone your railroad track pieces along a spline, so you can use effectors with a falloff to animate them on (scaling from zero and moving in the Y direction).
  10. Flat blob with profiled edge how to?

    You got the outline spline, put it on an extrude with XYZ all 0?
  11. Effectors for a cloned Cloner

    Why not put the effector on the top most cloner? Can you post a scene file, cozz, well, if you use falloffs, every thing kind of changes, not sure what you are going for.
  12. Does this help? https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cinema_4d_quick_tips/fix_lagging_expressions_with_the_shift_priority_tag
  13. Displacement distort, warp.

    I meant Layer, You can stack shaders, noises and gradients by putting them in a Layer. Just make a Noise in a Texture slot, click on the arrow next to texture and now select layer. Now it i it in a layer. Click on the preview of the noise to get inside the layer. Now, just like in photoshop, you can mix and match different noise types with blending modes and , or even add a gradient. I assume you are using the Displacement of a texture? only tutorials I remember so fast is this one (within the first 4 minutes)
  14. Displacement distort, warp.

    Put a Noise Shader in a Folder, and in that folder, put a Distort effect as well. That will get you the waves/warp. Now for that noise, change the Relative X scale to something very large, and give it some animation speed. I think the Pixelation glitches are done in Post.
  15. I cannot tell you why, but EJ Hassenfratz can tell you how to solve it: edit: yeah.. uniform should work too, since a percentage is linear.