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  1. Weld close points-verts with one step

    Glad to read it worked :) Here are 3 more uses: You need to optimize after deleting some faces/polygons, because the points are still floating around in your model. And if you make a cylinder editable, the caps are not connected, so we optimize there. If you want to do this without changing you original model, you can make a connect object (in the menu with the Array and the Boole).
  2. Weld close points-verts with one step

    You need to 'optimize' your model, this will weld any closeby points and remove unused points. Right click on your model and use optimize.
  3. Cerbera's Rockin' GIF Tips

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as Spin Edge, never seen it in any tutorials, so yes, thank you!
  4. Buddy, you need to learn the difference between memory/ram and harddrive space!! Adding memory is not really that expensive or difficult, look it up on youtube. But it can become complicated, because you need to find the exact type of memory that your motherboard will accept. So don't go to a shop to buy some, go to a shop and know what type your computer can handle. But since you don't seem to know the difference, better let an 'expert' look at it. And if your computer is a MAC.... I don't know if it is doable.
  5. I agree, it is wonky, not wonki. If you call them, say hello to Richard from maintenance, he knows me...
  6. I removed the wonkiness (this is what my spelling corrector says) by resetting all the weird angles back to 0 on frame 0.
  7. First, the starting position of gear 1 and 2 where overlapping, so that will not work right. You don't really need a fake holder object for Connectors, if you leave 1 field empty it will hold its own position. After I fixed all that, it turns out this whole setup will not work. But after scaling the fan up, here we go... Using 20 teeth for a big gear and 20 teeth for a small gear is not really what a gear should do I think. EDIT: Just see that the motor is also totally place wrong, but it seems to work. @Cerbera, pretty sure the wonky stuff comes from testing the dynamics, screwing with the original position, I have lost starting positions (entire objects fell through floors) by running tests and not even CTRL-Z had could fix that for me. I just like these puzzles. Gears Problemfixed.c4d
  8. Tracing some NULLS is basically creating a point on every frame, so if it looks weird, it might move very freaking fastm or indeed, as mentioned, interpolation trouble, but it could as well be a mismatch in frame rates. Can you share a simplified C4D file, remove all the fancy making it look good parts.
  9. Texture front only

    This is very basic, you need to make a simple selection tag. Select the polygons you want the text to appear on, go to select-> set selection. Now you made a selection tag. If you click on your applied school material, you see selection, here you can drag in your newly made polygon selection. Many many tuts out there on the subject, first hit for me:
  10. Super weird, tried this with a normal hemisphere and some cloned cubes, and the selection worked as expected, but using your objects, even after optimizing and redoing the object selections, I did not get it to work. Might be the triangle shape of the polys.. However... dirty work around: - Select your cloner, make a mograph -> mograph selection. - Select that weird clone. - Make a plain effector set the scale to absolute uniform -1, - Drag that mograph selection in the selectionfiels on the Effector tab, It seems to be the first clone, so when you change the Object Selection to place the vents, the bad vent should not come back. But yes, send this to MAXON and let them figure it out.
  11. Video shader not looping

    Your timing is set to range? Why not exact frame? And how do you get 3331 frames in 4 seconds?
  12. Is it worth it?

    You are asking if it is worth learning to code, in order to make the game of your dreams? Unity is C# and if I am not mistaken, shader (CS/HLSL). Both are extremely powerful and can be as complex as you want it to be. But no, it is not going to be easy. I don't know your age or interests or devotion. Since I assume you are a decent modeller, why not seek to team up with a coder? Most coders hate to model and most modellers hate to code :D I am in the lucky position all my buddies are digital artists (installations) so they love both.
  13. Displaying the alpha image of a video

    Not entirely clear what it is you are doing or trying to achieve. You just want to put a video with alpha on a plane? Some questions, how did you render out your AE file? You sure the codec used contains the alpha? I doubt your MP4 file supports alpha!! What I usually do is render out as a PNG sequence. in After effects -> Composition -> Add to Render Queue. Follow the steps below, the + in depth means plus alpha. Next on the C4D side, in the alpha channel (and color channel) load up your PNG sequence and click on the shader to fix the animation field. En here is the render, but I will personally never use that glow, it is a post effect, use object buffers and After effects!!
  14. This is from the Help text for the color correction effect: Key word here is POST effect. So whatever you can do with that effect, you can do exactly the same in After Effects, Premiere or any video/compositing program. I do not know what the correct option would be.
  15. Did you use the displacement channel in your textures? Small objects (little chunks) sometimes end up wonky when you render them. Like said, this needs a project file to debug.