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  1. Video playback blinking

    Do you mean in the viewport or on your render? What file format and fps (do they match?) are we talking about? You sure it isn't on overlapping polygons? etc.. etc... (aka.. more info needed to answer this).
  2. Black background

    Can you post some screens? So we can help you out, saying what to delete? Can you get ANYTHING from C4D with transparency?
  3. Black background

    Yes, that is pretty straightforward, and to be honest, I think it is just a matter of wrong file format that didn't support Alpha. I would suggest rendering it out as PNG sequence. The only button you need to press is "Edit Render Settings". I don't know what you are rendering, because you might end up with extreme bad luck and be doing 1 hour/frame renders, and in that case, it might be smarter to render a MATTE you can use in AE. Making a Matte is also pretty simple, without doing it correct, just replace all the materials with pure white in the luminance channel. But just tell us where you are at. edit: I see you have the LITE version, big change the artist used tricks your version doesn't support.
  4. Cover a surface in clones?

    You can clone on polygons from an object. Just select the polygons you want to clone on, go to Select -> Set Selection. You now made a selection tag. Make your cloner, object mode, and use the selection tag as object. The thing is, you can not use regular grids and all that fancy stuff if you clone on an object. You can clone in polygon centers, or edges, so you need to cut the window to get the exact spacing you need. edit: this is like Nate showed you, but for some reason the Mograph selection is not updating realtime when you move the cube around, how weird.
  5. Linear workflow - banding

    We sure it is AE? Did you open the files in other programs like photoshop? And to help yourself googling this issue, the term is bAnding not bEnding.
  6. First off, there is a Thinfilm shader, that is to produce the material of a soap bubble, and has nothing to do with you question, so I am sure everyone is confused there. Second, I would try this with a Cloth simulation, not with a softbody. It can be pretty straight forward, but the hard edges of your logo might cause some troubles. This or This was a super quick google for "cloth reveal c4d" I don't think you can transfer textures, but you can sure as hell fake it, but ask that later.
  7. Generating Random Motext as objects

    Thanks for the nice words, just trying to share what others have shared with me. I am afraid it is not possible using the normal emitter to control anything. I Don't know thinking particles enough to say anything about that. But you can use a cloner to make your own émitter' shooting out clones in the exact order as you placed them. In this simple setup I just keyframed the Clone count. Fake Emitter.c4d
  8. Xpresso workflow speed up

    You can group Nodes into an X group and Collapse it. That should remove some of the mess. (select the nodes, Right click -> X Group) You can rename Nodes (Use CAPS FOR IMPORTANT ONES!) and set a title Color (use anything else but gray), this will make them stand out. And for future questions, tell us what C4D version you are on.
  9. How to do the Time Remap?

    Didnt watch the link you posted, but about the time remapping, using dynamics: CTRL+D (Project Settings) -> Dynamics -> Time Scale. Keyframe that and you can do Matrix Bullet Time kind of stuff.
  10. Modelling a giant scene

    I never finished something that ambitious, but the way I see it, there are 2 ways to go. The super detailed way like this tutorial series: Or the texture and add stuff in photoshop while using C4D as a basic, like this:
  11. Alpha channel refraction

    Waw, thanks, this looks way better than the Ghetto Normal Map I used to use, before I knew C4D :)
  12. Generating Random Motext as objects

    I don't know what you are asking, or what the end goal is (putting emitters in cloners in emitters??) but here is a quick set up to generate your numbers using the Cloners BLEND mode, that will BLEND the parameters between 2 clones. This is just a quick way to generate the numbers, you need to make it editable to use it I am afraid. Since the Emitter object doesn't do random, lets skip that. A cloner can produce clones at random, so that is cool. Does this tutorial help? 01 til 999.c4d
  13. Alpha channel refraction

    That SKY intro is very basic displacement inside after effects, so perhaps fake that and do the transition there, no need to render out any glass, just render the copper product.
  14. looping clone ani with shader effector

    It is not a formula you are missing, it is some logic. You are mixing a looping noise that is traveling along the moving cloner. So the noise field is moving too. You never get that to loop, because the clones loop perfectly, but because you move the Z, the looping part is 1 cube distance away (this doesn't make sense, dunno how to explain it) Anyway, simple fix, you want your noise field space NOT to be as the texture, but as the WORLD. The world is never moving, so you noise field isn't moving either. The noise is looping, so anything you push through it is looped. So, in the Noise in the Shader set the Space field to WORLD. Now the clones move wayyyy to fast, I know, but this is because the world is HUGE, To compensate, set the Global Scale to something absurdly high like 10000 Hope it helps :) edit: and this is not a modeling/sculpting question, this is Mograph.
  15. Creating an audio spectrum

    I did not know this was you, many many thanks!! Learned ALOT FROM YOU!!