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  1. /start rant... Have you never done multiple a loop selections (U-L), hit the L one too many times, and it took like a few seconds to realize you selected the 'enable axis' again. And since you now screwed up the axis for the selected stuff, you have to undo, and just to be sure, undo too much, and well, you have to redo that selection again. I am sorry man, I wasted soo much time on that little mistake, that and bad booleans are biggest annoyance in Cinema4D /end rant.... Also, not sure what to do with the enable axis, just don't use it enough, I always use the "axis center" popup, since every time I need it, I need my axis to be exactly on a edge or in a corner.
  2. I don't know octane, but since it is just a black and white value, isn't it as simple as doing a levels (clamp your blacks or whites) in post? Or am I missing something obvious?
  3. Why they have the 'block everything option' under the letter 'L' is still beyond me..... If I wasn't so lazy I would disable it.
  4. Wow, this one is cool! result is really nice!
  5. About the Bevel deformer, you should make the bevel deformer a CHILD of the the object, NOT like you did, you put the object in the bevel deformer. But your trigger is badly modelled, so it will not really help you. A SubDivision Surface is NOT to create bevels, it is to smooth out your object. What you should do, is remake it, it isn't hard and you learn from it. Try and see if you can select the outside spline of the trigger, so you at least have the shape. (Loop selection, split) Put that spline in an Extrude Object, so you have your global trigger back, give it at least 3 subdivisions, make it editable, optimize it, and now you can put it in an SDS, and it will look a lot better. To make it even look better than that, loop select the 2 outer edges, en M-S to bevel, bevel it, and look at the magic. It isn't hard, and you don't lose your shape and it will look way better than it looks now. Good luck, we all had this happen when learning, don't give up!
  6. This looks like it is done in post, after effects, trapcode (or is it Red Giant?) starglow. Maybee you can fake it with a lot of tiny lights that produce a lensflare.
  7. Here is a longshot.. give your render Mac a FIXED IP address, and do a Port Forward in your router/modem. This way, the information that is coming in on that port will be forwarded to the correct machine. I don't know anything about giving your Mac a fixed IP adress, and doing a port forward for your router/modem depends on the brand and model. Use a site like https://portforward.com/ find the device you have and follow the steps, this requires the admin login/password of said device.
  8. Wow, was doing this with a bevel, this is soo much cleaner and rounder, many thanks man!
  9. I would try it with a Collision deformer. Place it as a child of your Cone, in the Coliders tab, drag in your balls (or the cloner that contains the balls) and set the mode to Inside (Stretch).
  10. If you move the anchor point, might you just have pressed the L key? (that is that Icon on the left side, right under Points, Edges,Polygons). Pressing the L key by accident is my number one ^%@! up in C4D, because I use U-L (for loop selection) a lot. edit: cool, c4dcafe sensors me now!! ^%@! THE ******* ^%@!ERS!!
  11. Did you cache/bake your dynamics animation? Otherwise you can not just scrub through your timeline like you would with normal keyframes. (rigid body tage -> Cache -> bake)
  12. If you follow along with this tutorial, you get learn how to do something like that.
  13. I don't know why you say it should be invisible, but if you want it invisible, put a "compositing tag" on it, and turn the see by refraction and transparency of.
  14. What you describe requires is a particle system, the amount of clones needed will probably destroy your computer. TurbulenceFD or X-particles are made for this.
  15. It is super duper freaking tiny/small! You messed up the scale while importing the OBJ. What I did, copied the Head to a new file, made a cube, for reference scale, selected the head. and than just scale it up till it was around the size of the cube. And this had my mouse drag of to the screen a few times, that is how small it was.