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  1. Modeling automation

    Cool to read you fixed it, the tray reminded me of this tutorial from Nekomedia, a plastic tray. There might be some nice techniques in there.
  2. Is this scene done in C4D or AE?

    Why do you make your text so unreadable???? (serious, why do people do this?) This really looks like pure After effects to me, if he used 3D software, the trees were not so ugly and flat. You keep your camera steady and rotate the objects.
  3. Only 3 shapes can be used with HyperNurb

    We are NOT Beta testers for a piece of software this expensive! Booleans are sooo weird, they screw up your topology, especially when you animate them, you get weird glitches, parts start to stick out or holes get filled, it is so random sometimes. I don't say avoid them, but just be careful and expect weird stuff. But it is cool if you are into glitch effects I suppose. (I am a VJ, I mostly only do abstract stuff)
  4. Only 3 shapes can be used with HyperNurb

    Yes, it subdivides the polygons and tries to round them. I am reading your posts and it is cool you ask so many beginners questions, please keep doing that, it is the best way to learn! edit: Cinema4D is a very good piece of software, don't throw in the word bug every time you misunderstand something. (except when you talk about booleans, cozz those are the Running JOKE in C4D world!)
  5. Only 3 shapes can be used with HyperNurb

    The Hyper Nurbs, or Subdivision surface (SDS) as they call it now, is for rounding out hard angles. The Torus and the Sphere and cylinder are already round, so a SDS will not do much there. The SDS is not meant to used by pure primitives. It is made to make your modelling life a bit easier. It basically smooths out hard modelled objects. This is what the SSD is for (not my work, a random google search): (same model, one has the SDS applied) I would suggest you look up some tutorials about hardsurface modeling.
  6. I think some DOF will look better than hard clipping, but that depends on the project. Suggestions, use some environment fog. To fade distant objects out, but this loses the sky. Or render out a depth pass and use that. (better a world position pass) and use that to fade in post. But that needs a second render with just the sky I think.
  7. Infinite Floor Cut (Not Working)

    I don't know why you lost your shadow, did you open it in photoshop? Weird things happen with transparency. As a CS:GO fan: Did you model this Asiimov yourself, or are there models somewhere on the internets (link please!!) ?
  8. Baked object won't move conect to spline

    Hallo, welcome @ the café. Normally I use an align to spline tag to move objects along a spline, no baking involved. But I have no idea what you are doing. In order to help us help you, you need to give us some more information, preferable a simplified version of your Project. (delete everything else).
  9. I don't see cubes, I see spheres. Can you just isolate the part that is failing (copy to new file) and upload that? You know this tutorial from GSG? Think you need to add some stiffness to retain a shape, but the whole file is soo slow on my PC I can not really test it.
  10. How to animate strap?

    Well, all I see is your Initial state is wrong. You set it with the box open, but your animation starts with the box closed. Simple fix: Give the animation some more keyframes (350?) play the animation, and when the box is closed And the rope has come to rest,(frame 350?) press Pause, go to the Spline Dynamics tag, under tag, you can press Set Initial. Now your rope will start in that position. Bones could work, but that is a bit beyond my current skillset.
  11. Cool idea, nice you want to use your coding skills for something practical. - Yes, surface distribution of clones in an equal spaced grid, so you can clone evenly on something like a face, without having a lot more clones around the eyes for example. (But this is something MAXON should build into the cloner) But for something a script could do: - Something so I can offset clones in a Spyrical way. So that if you clone with anything else but Radial, you can move clones Up AND Down (and Left AND right) For something like a Grid an extra Gamma curve would be a bonus :)
  12. Wow I totally forgot about the Volume effector... I got used of rendering out AE files for stuff like this, thanks for the new trick in my arsenal. I don't know what is causing the behaviour, but I do know that the CONNECT object (in the menu with the Atom array) will solve your troubles. Make all the Objects you want to use for the different volume effectors a child of the Connect object. Just use ONE Volume effector and make the connect Object the Volume Object. This should work. edit; did some test, just be save and disable the weld in the connect.
  13. Cars With Names

    Freaking cool idea and execution :) 1 tip; I assume you used physical renderer, in the render settings, set sampler Quality to HIGH, this will reduce the noise a lot.
  14. Nice tutorial, I was not aware of this!!
  15. Your Dynamics tag is what makes everything explode. I don't know what you are doing or why you need it, but perhaps, set follow position to a high number will force the pieces to stay.