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  1. OK, I had a friend try the XParticles approach, but the resulting mesh, even though closer to what I wanted is still a chaotic topology mess. Zbrush on the other hand, handled the task beautifully. My next problem now is unwrapping the UV's with Bodypaint's archaic toolset :(
  2. I tried to tweak metaballs, but maybe I need to use points or nulls instead of spheres. But regardless, as the previous reply mentioned, the resulting topology would be horrid. I don't have xparticles so I guess I will be zbrushing :)
  3. Thank you for the reply. I sort of arrived at the same conclusions as you. Z brush will be the best solution. I can either import the shape in Zbrush, dynamesh it and then zremesh it. Or probably better, recreate the shape I want with zspheres and end up with better topology to start! I think the mataball function should be high on the list of improvements that MAXON needs to tackle!
  4. Maybe I am missing the obvious solution, but I am trying to connect many overlapping spheres into one object. It's basically a boolean operation than needs to take into account many objects. To my knowledge you can only boole 2 objects. I tried metaballing the group of spheres that defines the shape I want but no matter how few spheres I use or how small I make them, the rusult is a always a huge blog that doesn't follow the outline of the spheres. I hope I explained my issue clearly enough. The image I attached represents the shape I am trying to unify into one mesh.
  5. Fantastic, much appreciated! So well done, and it will be great help when I try to set up my own rigging
  6. I have just installed R19, but the mentioned figures are the same that have been shipping since before R17: studio/humans/female clothed. Thanks.
  7. The studio version ships with rigged male and females characters. I am unfamiliar with rigging and I am having a hard time interacting and making the characters move, bend body parts. I see there are planty of controllers but I am not sure if there is a particular tool that needs to be used in order to move them! Any quick clues?