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  1. Hi everyone, The Dispalcement update must unfortunately be delayed. This new feature really slows down the setup for optimal use, especially with the fresh release of the Octane Plugin for Cinema 4d. I'll let you know when I'll have a solid solution for that. Thank you for understanding. I am sincerely sorry for this miss, and I hope that the future versions of PXL + DIRT will be able to take full advantage of new engine functionalities such as Uber material, OSL, metalness etc ... Meanwhile keep enjoying PXL + DIRT !!!
  2. Hi, small update of PXL+DIRT for the Pattern feature (renamed "Displace") in preparation: -Using a custom bitmap texture as the source of the displacement (in addition to the "Pattern" feature) -Synchronization of displacement with the different layers generated (LowCoat, Stickers, Scratch etc ...) a little gif to illustrate the progress Cheers! Ciao
  3. Hi, Here is another example of using PXL + DIRT, This time it smears a can of soda .. Cheers ! pxlntwrk.
  4. Hi, some news PXL+DIRT is now available @ thepixellab.net All you need is out there now ( examples, tutorials and many other great stuffs ;) ) Many thanks for interest !
  5. Hi, here is another example of use Vimeo Link Ciao !
  6. Hi, I do not think to do a tutorial itself, but if I have a little time before the summer, I will post sample files. thanks
  7. Hi, PXL+DIRT is a little xpresso setup for Cinema 4d and Octane Render (3.06 or above required), which I hope will help you to bring quickly and procedurally a little life to your materials … >>>More info<<< a video to show different features Vimeo link Do not hesitate to ask and post here for any help, suggestions, results etc ... or please check out wip forums threads: @Otoy , @FrenchCinema4d Thanks for watching Ciao
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