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  1. Happy Holidays. Hope everyone has a great X-Mas and New Year. Here's to 2021 being less of a train wreck.
  2. Yea, it seems to be pretty broken based on reviews I've read. There's nothing worse than getting deep into a quest and then it breaks. That happened quite a bit when I played Fallout 4 when it was first released. It's funny how we all pay now to be beta testers. Mostly gone are the days when software is released fully QC'd and fully functional!
  3. I'll probably play it once they work out more of the glitches and work slows down. Already waited this long whats a couple more months?!
  4. You need to blur your star way more, then turn down the "minimum edge length" in your Redshift object tessellation override. Optionally you could blur your star more and then crank your subdivisions, but that probably won't be as efficient. Displacement_Riddle_Me_This.zip
  5. I'm curious to know how well this plugin scales. I find that all the Houdini alternatives for FX really grind to a stop when you try and put together a larger sim or deal with complex collision geo. I currently have TFD and XP and I always feel like I'm on shaky ground when I try and push the scale or complexity of a simulation.
  6. @adrencgI think you need to animate the Heat and Fuel in the xpEFX Source Tag. Reducing the Fuel will put out your flame.
  7. I'd check it out but I can't open it because it was made with the student version of C4D....
  8. Thought this was a cool little short rendered in RS https://blindsight.space/
  9. I came from an Agency background and made the switch to doing freelance 3D and VFX work about 6 years ago. Concerning hours, from my experience the work/life balance is just as demanding. It would depend if you are working on Ads, TV or Feature films.... but expect long hours and tight deadlines. 3D is can be substantially more complicated than 2D work and there are more technical considerations as well as things that can go south. Also, if you aren't working on Ads or TV, projects can last months. This is amazing on a good production but pretty painful on a long one. Teams a
  10. No problem. I don't know any specific plugins but you could search on the AE Scripts website. There's likely something there....
  11. There's definitely more than one way. XP might not be the best/right tool but it sounds like what you want to do is doable and art direct-able. XP also has a Discord if you want to find some more help and haven't already tried there. There are also probably Data Visualization plugins for After Effects that could do something similar. Alternately Houdini would be a great tool for a setup like this - but simple isn't in that equation. Generally speaking though, if you don't need a simulation of some sort I'd go another route. SIMs always take a super long t
  12. You can change particle scale and color using the Xparticles shader. There are modifiers for life, age, scale, color etc.
  13. It's doable in X particles. You should have what you need in that file. I'm don't really know all the ins and outs of MoGraph but I'm sure someone on the forum could help you if you go that direction.
  14. Rather than having multiple emitters like in the setup I uploaded, you can add groups under the an emitter's "Groups" tab, so they all spawn from a single emitter. Then you can drag those groups into the modifier's "Groups Affected" tab for the modifiers you want to have effect said groups. The result would be similar to what I have except it might be harder to art direct if you want to have multiple emitter object shapes. If you want to just emit from a primitive shape, or a single shape it wouldn't matter though....
  15. Hi There! For a more random look, you could maybe use the xpConstraints object to connect particles with lines dependent on their distance. Once the xpConstraints is applied you have to click the "Display Constraints" check box under the xpEmitter Display tab. if you want to have multiple connected groups, you could add multiple xpConstraints. and use the "Groups Affected" box in the xpConstraints tab. You can art direct using the emitter object shapes and the connection distance as well as all the other typical motion objects etc. Rough scene attached. Connected_Particles_Using_Constra
  16. I would definitely track in C4D. like @briankoko is mentioning the tool-set is more featured and setting up objects is way easier in a full 3D environment. Also you don't have to worry about weird AE caching when you make adjustments. The C4D tracker is more capable of solving a variety of shots including more complex scenes. It also has more information to analyze your track points and is easier/faster if you need to adjust kinks out of your camera path...
  17. Maybe something like this could work for you. It's rough but it could be a decent starting point. I'd probably add more sub divisions and bones on the base mesh to smooth out the movement more. Adding another vibrate tag to the goal gives the tip of the tongue some extra life and control too..... Lizard Tongue.c4d
  18. I've recently switched from AE to Fusion 16 for comps at home (Nuke when necessary and the budget permits). If you haven't used it, I'd recommend checking out the new beta. A lot of the weird color space issues and terrible cache problems that AE sports can be avoided in Fusion for a fraction of the cost of NukeX. Anyway, just a thought for you AE compers out there. Fusion is way more capable and the new beta seems pretty stable so far. If you scroll down a bit it's in latest downloads https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/
  19. Could you just apply the texture for the label to a selection and adjust as a separate materiel to the jar? You could also split the lid from the jar, UV the jar and add the texture to your UV texture.
  20. @DNEG It's hard to say without looking at the actual scene. I can look at it and see if I can find the problem.
  21. Agreed on updated modelling Selectors, Set Flow and Creasing. I've been learning Maya and all these are great in that package. UV editor updates and stability. My UV editor crashes C4D all the time on higher poly meshes. Bodypaint and Sculpting could use some love. Something more like Mudbox would be amazing, but stable (unlike Mudbox). Overall Speed. Medium sized scenes really kill Cinema and super detailed stuff isn't very do-able. As for thinking particles I'm fine with XP or Houdini engine. There's already more community support and current information out t
  22. I only use Redshift now. I bought Cycles at the NAB sale but I'm not seeing the same speed that I get out of Redshift. I will definitely give it a good go though to see how well it works with certain aspects of XP. I don't go near Physical, Standard or ProRender.


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