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  1. I admit, I haven't read the full scoop, the MAXON site seems to be down for me. In general though, acquisitions almost always mean less options or more cost in the long run so it isn't surprised that people won't be welcoming of the news. Edit - I read the presser and it looks like nothing will change for now. Fingers crossed.
  2. While I like Cinema and Redshift I'm pretty disappointing by this announcement since MAXON will likely make Redshift exclusive to C4D. Redshift was one of the few render engines that was licensed by machine, not by software, making it accessible in other packages without additional cost...... Hopefully they won't change that.
  3. The motion blur makes it for me. I feel like the body could use a bit more grime but maybe magical objects have a self cleaning mode. A display box would be cool!
  4. Most GPU rendering software runs on Nvidia cards with the exception of Cycles I believe, so your options might be limited with your current set up. You'll have to check the system requirements of each vendor. Besides the main advantage of speed of rendering (you only take a tiny hit for depth of field and motion blur in Redshift for example) the IPR (interactive preview render) makes texturing and lighting a very organic "artist friendly" and speedy process. Also, 3rd party renderers tend to be more in line with industry standards/pace so the knowledge you acquire using them might translat
  5. If you need to move your layers back in Z space (which should be the direction perpendicular to the computer screen) you'll need a 3D camera solve. If it was 2d (just the screen on one plane for example) you could use Mocha AE (Mocha Pro can do a 3D solve but I don't think Mocha AE can). Once you have a track and a null that represents the xyz co-ordinate of your HUD (should be positioned in C4D before moving to AE ), you need to make your layers in AE 3D layers and then position them accordingly. It's probably better and more flexible to do everything in C4D though. You'll get real 3D resu
  6. You can track the camera in C4D and export the camera to AE. There are a ton of tutorials on youtube for this kind of workflow. AE camera tracker would probably do this too....
  7. Hi all, I just found out about this open source photogrammetry pipeline. Seems promising! I've been using 3D Zephyr but am giving this a shot today.... https://alicevision.github.io/#
  8. They are using this for the Skynet ID's
  9. That's handy, so I guess you could lay all the boot prints out and then bake it all at once or animate them and bake out an animated texture?
  10. I'm not sure in C4D because I normally do it in Mudbox. I'm guessing you can make a brush in the sculpt tools? I've attached a super quick and dirty version to test as a proof of concept I used a photo of the moon boot footprint as a stencil in Mud as a proof of concept. Animating a ramp over this could make it look like the print is being made without the boot..... edit - Now that I think of it, you could likely apply a vertical ramp to the foot model and render that out to bake a greyscale depth map...
  11. For a super detailed iteration I think that animating a displacement map would work as others have mentioned. That's probably how I'd try and tackle it.
  12. if you up the source footage, I can possibly give some suggestions but like @natevplas mentioned, without seeing it it's hard to say what you are dealing with.
  13. Lots of nice work in there. Love the bear too.
  14. Thanks! Definitely an improvement over the ant that I did....
  15. Not sure what's up with the image uploader but here are the other renders.....
  16. Here's my latest project.... Besides C4D for the modeling, groom and Redshift for the render/textures, I used Mudbox for the paint, displacement and normal maps. Mudbox was a real nightmare. 2019 is a joke when it comes to stability and the .bak file is useless and gets easily corrupted. Actually, the .mud file also gets easily corrupted and there isn't a real autosave/autosave prefs. Outside of the omnipresent bugs, the paint and sculpt tools are great. It's a real shame it isn't reliable. It really made me appreciate just how stable C4D is!! Thanks for having a
  17. I'm not sure but V-Ray is what I had in mind. I think I'll have to investigate further.
  18. Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks for the link.
  19. Lynda.com has some great programming courses. I've done quite a few there, but not Python... yet. https://www.lynda.com/Python-tutorials/Learning-Python/661773-2.html?srchtrk=index%3a2 linktypeid%3a2 q%3apython page%3a1 s%3arelevance sa%3atrue producttypeid%3a2
  20. Good to see it's solved Good luck on the rest of your project!
  21. Do you mean something like this? Clone along Helix.c4d
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