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  1. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with V-ray in the context of using an AMD 2950x for CPU rendering vs Redshift (or Octane) with 2 1080 GPU's or better. I was thinking of trying out an AMD build but am not sure if I'll get any real gains. I might be better off sticking to Redshift and upgrading to dual RTX cards instead while keeping my i7 rig..... thanks for your thoughts!
  2. Hey all, I finished this model and here it is. Pretty fun but lots of challenges!
  3. Moving along. I think I'll do one more pass at the textures and grooming. I ended up doing the normal map and paint in Mudbox. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of that program yet but I thought I'd try it out.
  4. Maybe something like the attached would work for you to get the shape of the fat cell tissue. In this I used a Displacer set to noise to get a faux soft body look. A real soft body sim would be better if your machine can handle it but this is way lower rent and might not matter to you. You could bake it (make editable) and then run the sim @Cerbera suggested over top. Fat Cells.c4d
  5. The above makes sense to me for the connective stuff over the spheres, great idea. I'll definitely keep it in the bank.
  6. If you are interested in getting more out of procedural noises in C4D, this tutorial series is excellent. https://www.fxphd.com/details/471/ It will predate v20's node based system but all the principles will apply. Totally worth the buy.
  7. Here are the edge selections and UV's laid out. Probably still the most painful part of the process for me. I wish there were better UV tools in Cinema. They are a bit clunky and buggy. Time to start texturing!
  8. Okay.... some errors were made. Mainly with the mouth stuff. I think it would have been better to nest this as a separate object so that it didn't add unnecessary geometry to the overall model. Live and learn. I'm going to keep on with the UV's as is and just keep that in mind next time. Don't want to turn this into my life's work!
  9. The back end is tricky for sure. It took me a couple shots to figure out the best strategy. I tried extruding each half and joining the folds first but got lost by the third segment so I ended up extruded it at once which was slow and painful but worked. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  10. Thanks! I put another 6-8 hours into this model. I still have to do the "mouth parts" and clean it up before UV's and texturing. There are a lot of messy bits.... The butt was a pain in the.... but I think it's working now.
  11. A divorce works occasionally if you need more advice on this subject.
  12. Two days in, still a ton to do....
  13. For sure, I've been working on this one all day. Haven't gotten much farther yet but will update when I can. Had a look at your rigging reel, very cool.
  14. anglereserve

    UI panel

    Don't you click those on and off under the HUD tab though? Or is there another way to do it?
  15. anglereserve

    UI panel

    Is it the HUD you want to turn on? That's in the Attributes Window then Mode in the attributes menu and then View Settings and finally the HUD tab. If, that's what you are looking for....
  16. I feel like it really helps things along. Regardless of when the drawings turn out or not, it forces me to really look at the shapes etc. Thanks for checking out the post!
  17. A few hours into this Bull Ant model I posted in the members challenge area. I worked on a couple of drawings on paper and then in Procreate. I almost always do a drawing or two so I can try and figure out what shapes I'm going to be working on. After that I put a few hours into the mesh. Time to refine! @cerbera Looking forward to seeing that wasp!
  18. Looks Great to me! Nice work. Is this rigged?
  19. Love this. It would be cool to see him do some photogrammetry with these.
  20. Thanks, I appreciate that. It's been a long journey until now and so much to learn!
  21. This is my first post, although I've been lurking and learning from everyone here for quite some time now. This model was textured/Rendered in Redshift. Thanks for having a look and any feedback!
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