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  1. if you up the source footage, I can possibly give some suggestions but like @natevplas mentioned, without seeing it it's hard to say what you are dealing with.
  2. Lots of nice work in there. Love the bear too.
  3. Thanks! Definitely an improvement over the ant that I did....
  4. Not sure what's up with the image uploader but here are the other renders.....
  5. Here's my latest project.... Besides C4D for the modeling, groom and Redshift for the render/textures, I used Mudbox for the paint, displacement and normal maps. Mudbox was a real nightmare. 2019 is a joke when it comes to stability and the .bak file is useless and gets easily corrupted. Actually, the .mud file also gets easily corrupted and there isn't a real autosave/autosave prefs. Outside of the omnipresent bugs, the paint and sculpt tools are great. It's a real shame it isn't reliable. It really made me appreciate just how stable C4D is!! Thanks for having a
  6. I'm not sure but V-Ray is what I had in mind. I think I'll have to investigate further.
  7. Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks for the link.
  8. Lynda.com has some great programming courses. I've done quite a few there, but not Python... yet. https://www.lynda.com/Python-tutorials/Learning-Python/661773-2.html?srchtrk=index%3a2 linktypeid%3a2 q%3apython page%3a1 s%3arelevance sa%3atrue producttypeid%3a2
  9. Good to see it's solved Good luck on the rest of your project!
  10. Do you mean something like this? Clone along Helix.c4d
  11. Looking good. The textures have a vinyl toy kind of look which is working. Like the GI from the light sabers.
  12. I think I might have to learn Houdini and use Houdini Engine for this kind of stuff. Houdini Indie for two years costs about the same as the maintenance I think. Pricing aside, it does look amazing!
  13. This looks really great . Too bad the pricing has switched to maintenance agreement model. So tired of subscription type releases.
  14. Maybe something like this? Using the Gravity Sim to counter act the Turbulence? Emitter Thing.c4d
  15. I currently run Redshift with 2x1080s and love it.. Was mainly wondering how that would compare to a CPU setup with one of those insane 16 core threadrippers....
  16. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with V-ray in the context of using an AMD 2950x for CPU rendering vs Redshift (or Octane) with 2 1080 GPU's or better. I was thinking of trying out an AMD build but am not sure if I'll get any real gains. I might be better off sticking to Redshift and upgrading to dual RTX cards instead while keeping my i7 rig..... thanks for your thoughts!
  17. Hey all, I finished this model and here it is. Pretty fun but lots of challenges!
  18. Moving along. I think I'll do one more pass at the textures and grooming. I ended up doing the normal map and paint in Mudbox. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of that program yet but I thought I'd try it out.
  19. Maybe something like the attached would work for you to get the shape of the fat cell tissue. In this I used a Displacer set to noise to get a faux soft body look. A real soft body sim would be better if your machine can handle it but this is way lower rent and might not matter to you. You could bake it (make editable) and then run the sim @Cerbera suggested over top. Fat Cells.c4d
  20. The above makes sense to me for the connective stuff over the spheres, great idea. I'll definitely keep it in the bank.


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