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  1. A lot of people moved to instant messages platforms like Slack, Discord or Telegram. There are more local chats and communities. And communities around educational platforms and personalities. Also, as @MighT said above, people want instant solution to their problems, so they post question to every IM chat, and if there is no answer after 15 minutes they go to google or forums. Not the other way around. Also it's about the form of messaging. Forums are all about long thoughtful post, at least for me. Chats -- for one line few words phrases, instant response and constant flow of m
  2. Don't forget about all those "switch to Blender" posts.
  3. If on OSX viewport moved from OpenGL to Metal, what happened with viewport on Windows? Do it work on some new tech, have same speed bump as on metal? How performance of OSX and Windows viewports compare on similar hardware? There is a lot of talks about metal and how grate it is, but now one ever talks about technology on windows.
  4. Actually it's a real Alan McKay and what he usually do - a lot of talking and hype, always in the same manner. And he produces promised tutorials. I can't say anything about their quality -- they were always for Max or Maya, so did not spark enough interest in me. As I understand it's all just a means to get more followers to Allan and his brand, and also to get more people into his payed Technical Director mentorship. Despite all this I quite like his podcast, interview episodes with VFX supervisors and people from game industry.
  5. Is this the complete feature list or there are more small changes? https://www.MAXON.net/en/products/cinema-4d/new-in-release-21/complete-feature-list/ I think the problem is that all those small features not showed or talked about enough.
  6. I think it may be connected with the fact, that SDK for using new nodes by 3rd party renderers isn't ready yet, and ProRender is 3rd party renderer, no matter how deep it integrated in cinema. I agree with @hvanderwegen, it looks wrong and nodes should be in every renderer from beginning. But I will choose good implementation, not the fast and buggy one. Yet, waiting another year for that is sad, hope MAXON can add this in mid cycle update, but don't hold my breath. I love this update, not because I do fancy mograph stuff, but because I see where is cinema going in transition to new cor
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