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  1. Ok Cairyn, Thank you very much for your help. I will try to see what I can do!
  2. Ok Cairyn, Thank you very much, I will try to dig a little deeper.
  3. Thank you for your answers, It is not exactly that, I will try to explain it to you more precisely. I have 11 instances of an animation in alembic with trucks coming down from a mountain and 11 instances of another animation also in alembic with trucks going up this same mountain. To better understand I attach an example file, it is better to launch the animation at the 900th image to understand the principle ... I would like to hang an information bubble above each truck (those going up and those going down), these bubbles will be exactly the same above each truck but all these bubbles will always have to look towards the camera. I send you the file Thanks for your help ! truck-up-down.zip
  4. Hi Cairyn, It's great, that's exactly what I was looking for! it works perfectly, a big thank you, I will take the opportunity to analyze the code and try to understand how it works. I have just one last question, how then to make a loop, for example I make appear my cube between 0 and 100 and arrived at 100 I make it disappear again until 200 and so on? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi everybody, Does anyone know how to hook an object to multiple occurrences without putting the object inside the source object of the instance? I have to hang an object without it being dependent on the source object of the occurrence ...? thanks
  6. Oops excuse me ... It’s a mistake on my part, it works very well! Thank you
  7. In fact to explain more precisely what I am trying to do, it is animated a wifi symbol but with a slight difference in time, first the circle, then just the first bar, then the second, then the 3rd ... The idea is to simulate a signal that is sent
  8. Hi Havealot, I thought there was an easy way to do this in Python ... It may be a bad idea ... Thank a lot for your file, it is true that it is interesting, I am trying to adapt it to my project. I have a question : in the viewport the object disappears well but in my rendering the object remains always visible, do you know why? Thank you
  9. Hello everybody, I am interested in the Python language in C4D but I am new and lost ... Could someone explain to me how to do this: I created a material with a LUMINESCENCE channel and I added a white ALPHA channel. I would like to access the CHILD of this channel (Alpha > Texture > Intensity) and be able to vary the intensity from 0 to 100% defined on a number of key frames for example. The goal is that by launching my animation, the intensity channel of the alpha goes up gradually to 100 then arrived at 100 gradually goes down to 0 in loop. I use the alpha channel to make my object disappear in the scene. I started to try a lot of things but nothing works ... I would prefer to use Python because I have a lot of objects that will have to react like that. import c4d import random import math def main(): # Objet qui contient le TAG Python (print pour afficher son nom) obj = op.GetObject() print op.GetObject().GetName() # Image active frame = doc.GetTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) # Ici je souhiates accéder ici : obj[c4d.MATERIAL_USE_ALPHA][c4d.MATERIAL_ALPHA_SHADER][c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_BRIGHTNESS] = 0 [/CODE]
  10. Hello everybody ! I had a small piece of python code that allowed me to blink my character's eyes by using pose morphing but impossible to find this piece of code, would anyone have that aside? thank you in advance
  11. it does not work unfortunately ... C4D selects me the 5 edge loop as on the image above (ring selection on edge problem) except I only want to select 1 edge loop
  12. YES, the idea of Igor is good ! I had not thought about that! Regarding the plugin RingLoop, it crashes with each use, I failed to test. I think a plugin allowing complex selections would be very useful. Thanks for your help
  13. I thought there was a solution ... Selected each rings is tedious ... I send you the story file to see if you have an idea? selection-01.c4d.zip
  14. Thank you for your answer. Yes indeed, I was wondering if there was a solution to make this type of advanced selection, maybe a plugin? I need to select all these parts but only 1 edge loop, not 5, out since I added a bevel, cinema 4D prevents me from selecting only 1 loop and offers to select 5 loops ...
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