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  1. it does not work unfortunately ... C4D selects me the 5 edge loop as on the image above (ring selection on edge problem) except I only want to select 1 edge loop
  2. YES, the idea of Igor is good ! I had not thought about that! Regarding the plugin RingLoop, it crashes with each use, I failed to test. I think a plugin allowing complex selections would be very useful. Thanks for your help
  3. I thought there was a solution ... Selected each rings is tedious ... I send you the story file to see if you have an idea? selection-01.c4d.zip
  4. Thank you for your answer. Yes indeed, I was wondering if there was a solution to make this type of advanced selection, maybe a plugin? I need to select all these parts but only 1 edge loop, not 5, out since I added a bevel, cinema 4D prevents me from selecting only 1 loop and offers to select 5 loops ...
  5. Hello, Is there a way to do this: I'm in edge mode, I make a loop selection of a series of edges, and then I ask cinema 4D to select all the same selections on my object? Thanks

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