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  1. Hi Nate, I did something like that already, your it's easier :) . It will have to work because I don't seem to find a better way. Thank you!
  2. External Composoting tag: check children an if you want, make a solid with similar proportions. ex: 200x300. Rename the Tag in Basic, with your name. Compositing tag: Object buffer propper number filled Almost certain it's a children hierarchy issue. Best Regards, P
  3. Thank you Cerbera! I will check it and try to find it. You helped enugh. :) Best Regards, Pedro
  4. Hi Cerbera! Thank you for your quick reply! The object itself is a sweep...so it's not flat. In order to do that...what would be the best way? delete the inner faces/polygons? Isn't any other way of doing this, keeping the object parametric? For sure I'm not the first trying to compose through a situation like this :P Because if I want to put some particles or even any other object inside of it in After Effects....this new object will allways appear under this one made in C4D. The matte through object buffer will not help. :D Best Regards Pedrp
  5. Hi guys, Here is the problem: I have a "sphere" with an edge spline sweep , and doing a movement through camera morph. For purpuses of compositing, I want to render only the polygons facing the camera (and probably later, the back ones) separately. I want to place an object/Trapcode Form inside of it and have the front matte(object buffer) and back matte. The camera clipping is not a good method because there are diferent focus points, so it would clip more or less than it should. I´ve tried the normal direction shader, but I don´t seem to get it right or doesn´t work the way I want. The base material should be a luminance, to seem a line, without shading. Thanks in Advance! Pedro
  6. Guys, I was searching for this for some time. I'm searching for same result, but with clonner and effectors (even this solution, if I add an effector to control de X scale doesn't work, they overlapse)- If you can help I´d be much appreciated :) Thank you!
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