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  1. Hi guys, For a project I try to randomly pop up elements from scale 0 to 1. I try to achieve this with a linear shader effector in combination with a rondom weight offset. However the result depends on the linear falloff what results in a linear animation. Do you have a solution for this idea? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, I try to figure out how to model a detailed sofa with many details such as buttons and folds in the fabric (see attachment). What do you consider to be the right way. Should I use Zbrush / Marvelous designer or is this also possible in Cinema 4D? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, My question is fairly easy i guess. I try to convert an integer to a string with the str() method. However the console gives me this feedback "Node Python. Output1 expected float, not str". Are there seperate string globals? Many thanks
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