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  1. Hi guys, For a project I try to randomly pop up elements from scale 0 to 1. I try to achieve this with a linear shader effector in combination with a rondom weight offset. However the result depends on the linear falloff what results in a linear animation. Do you have a solution for this idea? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, I try to figure out how to model a detailed sofa with many details such as buttons and folds in the fabric (see attachment). What do you consider to be the right way. Should I use Zbrush / Marvelous designer or is this also possible in Cinema 4D? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, My question is fairly easy i guess. I try to convert an integer to a string with the str() method. However the console gives me this feedback "Node Python. Output1 expected float, not str". Are there seperate string globals? Many thanks
  4. Hey guys, I'm already on a good way with experimenting in xpresso but i hope someone can helping me out with this. See video in link. I made a cluster of spheres starting from an emitter and fly through an attractor where they become seperate objects. However I want that the spheres stay seperate after they leave the attractor. The reason the spheres stay together is because of the "follow position" attribute. What I'm looking for is a technique to keep the spheres seperate after they leave the attractor. Many thanks in advance



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