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  1. I believe it IS related to an input devise. I run a Logitec MX MAster bluetooth mouse. I tested with an old plugin Apple mouse and do not get the same issues. Thanks for the help as this will help solve the problem!
  2. I am on the latest Mac OS (Mojave 10.14.2). Thanks for responding. I thought I might have found it with the C4D preference of "Mouse Move Activation" but that had no effect. I've attached simple video to show the case. Note , the vid is only mouse movements, and no clicks, yet the focus on viewpoints changes. PS: Not in a virtual environment. MouseActive.mov
  3. Thank you for the reply Jed. That is exactly what is happening but I am on a Mac. Not sure if your screen shot is from Windows (the Operating System) control or C4D. But I will start looking at C4D preferences to try to find something similar. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, This has been a long standing issue that I hope someone will help me understand. Running C4D Studio R18 and if I mouseOver one of the 4 viewport screens, without clicking, it will become selected. Grrr OR if there are multiple programs/windows open on my 40' monitor, moving the mouse over C4D immediately claims it as the program in use. I've dealt with this for a long time but just hoped others may have had similar issues and knew of a solution?
  5. Cerbera, your always such a great help.. Thanks. I could not find the "main tab" in the HDRI Studio controls (screen shot attached). BUT, adding a Composition Tag to the HDRLS_Reflection, and then removing the "Seen by Camera" seems to achieve the goal.
  6. Hello, I can't figure out what the basic conflict is when a Background Object is used in a scene with HDRI lighting. For instance, I've created a basic scene that has a background object and Camera Calibration tag. Everything looks great and now I would like to light the scene with either HDRILightStudio or GSG Studio Rig. As soon as the HDRI is present the Background Object fails to render. I understand the HDRI lighting uses it's hdri image as a background as well as light source, but can't figure out how or if there is a way to use the hdri to light the scene but still display the C4D Background Object. It's possible right? How is this achieved? Composition tag on the camera to not render a specific aspect of the hdri?
  7. Thanks for the assistance.. I ended up using BP-UV Edit to more properly orient my Object to the texture and have gotten decent results. Did not see anywhere to create Seams but the current settings now allow movement of the Object with the Texture applied as expected.
  8. Hello, I can't figure how to Flat map or any other projection map a texture on a Torus. I've included an image of what I have so far but Stick Texture, and other researched suggestions such as Map to Object, then Map to Image (reselecting the texture image) just don't seem to work. Using Studio R18. The goal is to apply the texture so the blue graphics are on the top and then be able to render the image from different angles. Can anyone help? Archive.zip
  9. OK, I see now.. It works though is a bit transparent and also now it renders though not sure why adding an additional gradient layer made it render... Thank you for your help CBR.
  10. I'm lost on the layers part... First set of gradients were the 3 colors and three white fields. Next I need the White circles on the ends.. I created a new texture and used "Mixed Textures" but it's not acting as expected. White over any color using "Screen" as opposed to "Multiply" should yield the expected results. But there is no Screen so I used Add but the blending is not working as expected. Using basic C4d Materials I don't see how to add another Layer, though I could switch to Vray which I believe allows adding multiple layers. beachball5.c4d
  11. Cerbera, That's a really cool way to make a texture! Unfortunately, I also need the white circle on the top and bottom. Something like the attached images though when I apply them via frontal projection the texture seems fixed to a worldspace rather than the assigned object.



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