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  1. New free plugin: Boole Cutter

    Can you show what happens on your Script Console when you use a plugin?
  2. Hello guys! Check out my new plug-in for automating boole cutting operation with multiple objects. You can download it for free here.
  3. Target 4D

    Target 4D
  4. [Python] About Xref Reference

    Edit Xref - this is one of the Cinema4D Python limitations
  5. Thanks! Really good tutorial!
  6. looking for scatter plugin

    Just for reference. You might like this plugin. Target 4D is a Cinema 4D R14 and higher plug-in designed to move or copy selected objects onto the geometry surface of other scene objects. This tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time. http://mikeudin.net/plug-ins/target-4d/
  7. Why plug-in now not available? Guys, can you reupload it?
  8. Hello, guys! i found a way how to replace Mograph Tracer object with little XPresso Trick. This technique can be useful if you are using Cinema 4D Prime or Visualize, they do not have MoGraph module. Also, if you can't bake Tracer to spline with keys in PLA. This is sometimes necessary for the export to other 3D packages. Video with russian voiceover, but pretty visual. Hope you find it useful! Please, check out tutorial here http://mikeudin.net/2016/09/07/cinema-4d-xpresso-real-tracer-alternative/
  9. Hi, guys! Hope you like it! zDepthCamera for Cinema 4D it's a XPresso driven camera preset wich can help to visualize zDepth pass in Editor render. Also in some cases you can use it as an alternative to native Cinema 4D zDepth multipass channel. Tutorial and download for free here: mikeudin.net/?p=2805
  10. Free Python Script: Sequence tracks

    No, file archive with public access. Try here. Can you give a link to this forum thread?
  11. Hello, guys! Please check out my new python script for Cinema 4D! This script places all animation tracks of selected objects in a sequence. If you have suggestions for new versions of the script, leave them in this topic! More info and script here mikeudin.net/?p=2790
  12. points interpolation

    In this case using Mix Node it's a simpliest way.
  13. Fast Spline Connector

    Fast Spline Connector
  14. Flash Buffer plugin release!


  15. Flash Buffer

    Flash Buffer