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  1. MiguelJudas

    New free plugin: Boole Cutter

    Hello guys! Now Bool Cutter fully compatible with Cinema4D R20!
  2. Now all my plugins are fully compatible with Cinema4D R20!:compEnjoy:


  3. MiguelJudas

    New free plugin: Boole Cutter

    Can you show what happens on your Script Console when you use a plugin?
  4. Hello guys! Check out my new plug-in for automating boole cutting operation with multiple objects. You can download it for free here.
  5. MiguelJudas

    Target 4D

    Target 4D
  6. MiguelJudas

    [Python] About Xref Reference

    Edit Xref - this is one of the Cinema4D Python limitations
  7. Thanks! Really good tutorial!
  8. MiguelJudas

    looking for scatter plugin

    Just for reference. You might like this plugin. Target 4D is a Cinema 4D R14 and higher plug-in designed to move or copy selected objects onto the geometry surface of other scene objects. This tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time. http://mikeudin.net/plug-ins/target-4d/
  9. Why plug-in now not available? Guys, can you reupload it?
  10. MiguelJudas

    Fast Spline Connector

    Fast Spline Connector
  11. Flash Buffer plugin release!


  12. MiguelJudas

    Flash Buffer

    Flash Buffer