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  1. Tried using a light object, also a cube with luminance - it seems as if the effctor chancges the color of the tube and the lights (and not any textured objects which makes sense I guess) - but it's not rendering it at all.
  2. Thanks for the detailed answer - I'm having fun now :) *tried to send you an answer in PM but it says you can't accept it.
  3. Thank you guys, both solutions looks awsome and works. How can I change only the color/intensity of a light that's inside my flower clone?
  4. Using the new Multi Instance mode, I've created a cloner object and cloned my object (flower) it across a plane. I want to have an object, say a circle, to move across the flowers and where they interact, change the flower color. Could be collision based or some sort of gradient animation... would appreciate any thoughts.
  5. Working with R20+Vray3.6 Only worked with Vray with sketchup, apparently it's quite different... 1. When trying to render via Vray, the C4D textures won't render (getting an all-white model). Can Vray render C4D textures? How? 2. How do I make my own Vray materials? Or download materials to be used with C4D?
  6. Works like a charm - thank you :)
  7. Thanks, can you help understand why would the letters get rounded instead of squared when connected to a single object?
  8. I'm importing a line of text from AI to C4D. The typeface is square and I wish to extrude all the letters with a single extrude. So I tried to put the group of letters under the extrude - nothing happens. I also tried to connect the letters to a single object - but it got deformed (example in pictures). How do I go about this?

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