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  1. Hello everybody, I have a UE scene and i need to convert it to open in C4D. I have a lot of uasset files into the "contents" folder. Can i convert them to work in C4d? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, I´m trying to render an architecture image in Vray but the render has a lot of noise and i don´t understand why. All my materials and lights are Vray ones.(the camera too) I let you my settings et a frame, thanks a lot for your advices. My other doubt is about the glass shader, i put lights behing each windows to light the interior of the house but i don´t see them in the render.
  3. Hello everybody, I have a camera with a perspective that i approved my client. I need the camera to follow my object so i was thinking in adding a target the that camera but it changes the orientation. Is there a way to keep my pervious perspective? Thks
  4. Thanks for the answer Cerbera, now he´s telling me that it would not need to be the same of the picture. Just with all the diferents materials (wood, concrete, glass...). As the project progresses, i´ll upload WIP, thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone, My client asked me to model that illustration. At first sight, it seems really complicated but i want to try. Can anyone advide me where to start!! ( i have experience in modelling but i´m looking for differents ways of working). Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello everyone, I have some meshes with shaders and textures diferents. I´d like to add one texture above everything but in overlay mode like in photoshop. I made a test with after effects but the 3d models are animated and the texture don´t follow the scene. That´s why i wanted to do it in cd4 but i don´t know how. Any advices?? Thanks a lot
  7. Hello everbody, I would like to get this flash/flare effect on the edges on my model. I was thinking of using Optical Flare after rendering in AE but i don´t know how to make the light go on the model. Thanks for your tips! https://www.apple.com/iphone-7/
  8. Thanks Sigor!! i´ll read it
  9. Hello everbody, My client sent me a solidwork file (.step) and after exported to obj thanks to a program called ABViewer, i open it in c4d but the polygons are all triangles. I tried to clean the mesh the best i can but some edges are just missing. I submit you 2 captures to illustrate it, i need to clean that part and i don´t know how. Thanks for your advices.
  10. Yes, i have modelled the 3d stage, but since the first day i was working the 1 only camera, the audience one. Now, the tecnical told me that there´ll be 4 proyectors. Proyection_test.c4d
  11. Hello, and first of all i hope you ´refine on this sunday monday :) I´m preparing my 4 cameras for a proyection mapping but it´s the firts time and i am a bit lost. I dragged you a reference of the camera settings. All the 3d animation is really simple and i just have some cubes moving up and down. I don´t know how to render my camera in order the audience see correctly the mapping. Sorry for my bad english and thanks a lot for your devices.
  12. Hello everbody, i´m posting it in this forum but i don ´t know it´ll better to do it in textures or modeling. I´d like to realize this effect for a 3d proyection mapping. First, i tried with mograph triangles but i don ´t like the result, Thanks for your devices,
  13. Rope shader

    Thanks for your advice, i was trying but i have a lot of mesh to adapt... I´ll get the shader option...
  14. Hello everybody, I need to make this texture the most realistic as possible. I´ve tried with displacement but my animation is a bit long and the render takes too much time, have you got any idea how can i realize that? Thanks
  15. Hello everybody, Because an image is worth a thounsand words... I made tests with boolean but the project is for printing 3d, and the mesh is not clean. Thanks for your advices :)