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  1. ottie

    Rope with Fur

    thanks, i attach you the project, i simplificat the C4D file because i can't attach a file that weights more than 5mb, hope is usefull. Hilos_03.c4d
  2. ottie

    Rope with Fur

    I finally succeeded that effect, but i don't understand why the hair disappear after a few seconds of animation. Fils_low.mp4
  3. ottie

    Rope with Fur

    my result with a little bit of displacement and more hair
  4. ottie

    Rope with Fur

    I'm trying with noise displacement right now...
  5. I am satisfied with the result of the hairs but not with the general texture of the strands. I would like them to be more "hairy", more "irregular" as the example below. Thanks for your advices
  6. Hello, i´d like to model the fat tissu like these two references. I tried to make it with a atome array but it makes it too regular. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot
  7. Hello everyoby, i have a polygons problem when i render it, the mesh has a Subdivision Surface with 3 subdivisions. Anybody knows why? Thanks!
  8. Thanks a lot natevplas!!! What a great explanation!! I thought that with a HDRI and GI i could reproduce the scene but maybe you´re right, i need some extra lights to make the shadows. By the way, i don´t need the jars, just want the box and floor scene, light a studio. Thanks and have a good day
  9. Hello, i´d like to reproduce that type of illumination and texture (just one color). I´m using the last plugins GSG HDRI Studio Rig plugins and a physical render with global illumination settings. But i don´t succeed to reproduce the same clean illumination. Any advice please? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi, thanks for your answer. With my HDRI studio i have a HDRI environment, look at the attached file. I just changed the reflectance channel from aluminum to chromium like you told me.
  11. Hello, I´d like to illuminate and render a cream packaging, 100% reflecting with chrome shader. I´m using the greygorilla HDRI Studio Rig and a HDRI of metal. But i don´t know if it´s the bet solution, the product has to be reflected but the client doesn´t the reflect... any idea??
  12. You can try exporting your 3d models in .fbx or .obj and use the trapcode suite in after effects.
  13. Hello community, I´m new to Redshift and trying to make some animations. I would like to lower the noise level of this render, i attached my settings below, I thought that just by increasing the samples it would reduce the noise but it is not enought. Anybody to advice me? Thanks a lot
  14. I am not focussed on Rebus, like i said before, i was looking for another one, actually only these render farm are working with C4D and Redshift: https://www.findrenderfarm.com/product-category/c4d/?filter_renderengines=redshift Thanks for your device, i´ll look for Arnold forum about animation.

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