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  1. Hi, thanks for your answer. With my HDRI studio i have a HDRI environment, look at the attached file. I just changed the reflectance channel from aluminum to chromium like you told me.
  2. Hello, I´d like to illuminate and render a cream packaging, 100% reflecting with chrome shader. I´m using the greygorilla HDRI Studio Rig and a HDRI of metal. But i don´t know if it´s the bet solution, the product has to be reflected but the client doesn´t the reflect... any idea??
  3. ottie

    What's the render settings for this pic?

    You can try exporting your 3d models in .fbx or .obj and use the trapcode suite in after effects.
  4. Hello community, I´m new to Redshift and trying to make some animations. I would like to lower the noise level of this render, i attached my settings below, I thought that just by increasing the samples it would reduce the noise but it is not enought. Anybody to advice me? Thanks a lot
  5. ottie

    Which Renderer for Animation?

    I am not focussed on Rebus, like i said before, i was looking for another one, actually only these render farm are working with C4D and Redshift: https://www.findrenderfarm.com/product-category/c4d/?filter_renderengines=redshift Thanks for your device, i´ll look for Arnold forum about animation.
  6. ottie

    Which Renderer for Animation?

    Thanks everfresh, but mt question is if Redshift was the best render program for complex animation? I was looking at Rebus farm web and it still doesn´t work for C4D, just 3dsmax and Maya. I only found these webs but i have to confirm with us the plugins is working with C4D. Have a good day
  7. ottie

    Which Renderer for Animation?

    And redshift and animation? i´m working with complex architecture scenes, and need render object animation, people, cameras...
  8. Hello community, These last months I decided to train myself on the new render programs. I knew Vray for 3dsmax but I quickly abandoned the idea of using it for C4d, too slow, too much flikering ... So I need some advice to be able to render animations easily. The program must therefore be compatible with Rebus Farm in particular. I was thinking of Arnold first, then Octane (i have a poor graphics card)... Another thing, I'm working on an I7 2600 and a Quadro 4000 ... Thanks for your precious advice.
  9. Hello, I´m starting an interactive project that including 3d (i´ll modeled) and some interactions with pieces of the model. I write you a link the client sent me to illustrate what they are looking at: https://www.contenur.com/en/products/containers/side-loading/c3200-f/ I understand that first i have to modeled it but next, which program you recommend me? Thanks!
  10. The model has been well modeled? It doesn´t have any hole?
  11. ottie

    c4d vray fading transparency?

    ok, i will prepared a small render to show the results
  12. ottie

    c4d vray fading transparency?

    Finally i used the display tab combined with the vray tag (visibility), it just worked. Thanks
  13. ottie

    Really bad render Vray

    Thanks a lot Vizn, i will show you soon the final render.
  14. Hello, I was wondering how to proceed with a fade of transparency. I´m using Vray in C4D and i tried with the Display tag but i don´t seem to work. Thanks for your advices
  15. Thanks both for your answer, i just actualised my profile. I´m working with C4d 18 and Vray 3,4. Yes the model has volume, do you think the Vray 2 Side mat will work then?