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  1. Hi, the model was free, and I had to do retopology. I want to create an animation, for now I choose the frames that I will use. I’ll make the front lights tomorrow. Soft: Cinema 4D, Octane. Without post-production Low quality 15sec/frame demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKQStBEIkK8
  2. Thank you for attention, I will go in this direction;) Next renders, the last without enviro, regard's!
  3. Hi, check my new project "Bentley" the model is not mine, it is free with weak topology and I do retopologies on an ongoing basis. I am looking for a concept for the environment, I will be grateful for ideas, greetings. Work in progress #Cinema4D #Corona
  4. Check it. https://www.behance.net/gallery/16032269/M24-Chaffe-Tank-3D-Big-presentation is old model and render wires, now use render redshift and new shader etc. regar'ds
  5. Of course, after :) I work now. In attach next render.
  6. Hi, i create new scene in 3D. Use Cinema 4D and RedShfit is only preview. M24 is my model. regard's! More...



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