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  1. I always seem to miss the initial announcement so I'm down to about two weeks. Didn't quite finish last month's hook on time but I'll post some WIPs here this month if only to encourage other participants. Unfortunately, I am already too obsessed with geometry so this is encouraging a bad habit when I should be learning some other things instead Day One:
  2. You were correct. I assumed (wrongly) that because I'm not rendering the render setting wouldn't matter. Thank you!
  3. I'm creating models for 3D printing and repeatedly have the same issue. Model looks great with polygon object nested under subdiv surface. Nice and smooth. For the purpose of this printing procedure I try to get the polygon count with subdiv at around 750,000. Then I use "current state to object" and the resulting model has only about 200,000 polys and is not smooth. The polygons all show. I can't seem to get a final object that looks like the one with subdiv surface. Is there a different method to reduce my nested objects to single object for export (meaning not current state to object)? Am I missing a setting?