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  1. Wow thanks a lot @Hrvoje, it works! Cheers!
  2. Hi @Hrvoje, thanks for reply, I update my profile. I wold like use the "Real" Wind, to see different speeds, turbulence and more. I think is necessary Constrain position and keep free only one rotation axis, I tried do this with constrain PSR but unsuccessful. Regards Fernando.
  3. I did Blades with Mograph and I wold like rotate this blades with Wind Dynamics and keep position Is it possible?
  4. Thanks for reply Bezo Doubleclick on material tag in OM > WORKS! Thanks for your help. Cheers
  5. Thanks for reply and for videos Cerbera, I tried do this connections like yours but the emission is 100% ever. I can't find an option to decrease the intensity. I'm trying another test like this. Chess
  6. How do I create a Texture node with a image map apply on Color and luminance (emissor I think)? When I use the simple texture is possible apply two times an image map on Color slot and luminance slot. How do this on node material? Can I use the same image map?
  7. Hi MJohnny Yes, I have only hdr image applied on sky object to illuminate this scene. This shadows are creating from global illumination. The light bounce in some areas more than others and create areas if shadow. I wold like a pass like your PASS shadow - white with light shadows. Let me try with ambient occlusion. Thank you
  8. I have made this render and used multi-pass to try extract shadows, but I could not extract. How do I extract only shadows? I See this Shadow Catcher plugin, but this only way to do this? Thanks
  9. Hi, everyone... I create a simple scene with MoGraph. I would like this planes bend on top of the curve How I do this? Thanks

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