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  1. I have been using my 2013 MacPro for years and never experienced what you are saying. May I ask what you have plugged in to your Thunderbolt? I only have external drives, no monitors. I do remember reading that certain monitors have caused some issues, but can't remember any details. I used an inferred thermometer and my Thunderbolt connectors are between 95 and 99F. (One of my USB ports showed 104F.) I'm also confused because coper transmits heat MUCH more efficiently than glass. I think the thermal conductance of copper is 300 times that of glass. But I am not sure what else is in a Thunderbolt cable. While the data is going through glass, there may be copper in there for other uses. As for your original question, I do not know of the recommended temperatures. I'm curious because I was panning on adding a forth monitor using Thunderbolt. Mark
  2. I have Octane installed on my old Mac Pro with a GTX 970 and I love it. My concern is that my card only has 4Gb and I am not sure I can get all the materials to fit. I'll see if it fits and may try to reduce the number of materials if it's too big. It would be great if Octane could render each frame in five minutes or less. The challenge I see with this model is I am needing the light from the outside to light the interior, and may need to up the number of light bounces. This could slow things down further. By me using Corona, I could use all four of my Mac Pros to render. But I will give Octane a try. This could take my animation render time down from weeks to days. I don't mind rendering for weeks since I am in no rush, but then this ties up my C4D license. I have been considering purchasing a 1080, but not sure if this will work with my older OS on my 2009 Mac Pro. But I do have Windows installed on it and that could be an option. The 1080 gives me more speed, but more importantly 11Gb! I just don't know if I have a need for this expense for my real work. It is usually smaller files. I hope it rains today, I would hate to spend one of the few nice Saturdays inside the house!! Thanks! Mark
  3. The issues I had were, what I like to call, Chair-Keyboard Interface Issues. Rails were not connecting to the posts, etc. It was the first time I used it, and for whatever reason, it was difficult for me to line up. I'm going to reposition the stairs to make the stairs longer so I can get the riser to tread ratio correct. I just looked it up and they should have a 7.5 inch rise and a 10 inch tread. While, as you said, "Someone's gonna die on those when they come down bleary-eyed one morning", but my concern is more walking up the stairs after a few home-brewed IPAs! Come to think of it, I forgot to put my beer taps in. I'm so glad I posted this, now I am more excited to work on this again! You guys are great. While looking at the stairs, I noticed the wood shader looks goofy too. The wood is going in the wrong direction. This is just like any project I do in C4D, it's never done until I stop! Again, I really appreciate the comments, thanks, Mark
  4. Thanks! The stairs are a mess. I tried the built-in stair thing and had all kinds of issues. Forgot about the stairs until you brought it up! (I did the stairs eight or nine months ago and was not on my mind.) It's now added to my punch list. I have had great luck with the Forester plugin from 3DQuakers. I will be changing the trees to this so I can easily animate them with a gentle breeze. The grass they have is good too, but now things start to slow down with rendering. I worked a lot on the grass shader, and think I could make it work with the correct distance. If not, I will be using Forester. Mark
  5. This is a personal project that I only work on when I have time, maybe a few hours per month. So it has been slowly coming along. Probably another year before it's complete. Still a WIP as I need to add light switches, outlets, power cords, furniture in all the other rooms, etc. Biggest challenge is getting the lighting correct. About a year ago, I was thinking what my house would be like when I retire from fulltime work and move to someplace that has summers that are more than three months long (and someplace that is not taxing the hell out of me.) So I started designing a house. Everything, except for some of the plants, was modeled by me. With my real work, I grab every resource that is legally available to me, and model just what is missing. But I set the challenge to model everything for this personal project. These images were rendered with Corona. I originally started rendering this with Maxwell and was happy with the end results. But Maxwell, while nice looking, took much too long. I hope to eventually turn this into an animation. So I tried Corona and was able to render in 20 minutes on a Mac Pro, not 44 hours! Only thing with Corona is that I had to create all the shaders and textures. This was not as difficult as I thought. However, the bricks on the exterior are a mess. That is the next thing I will be working on. Biggest issue I am having is using an HDRI as the sky. This has been very frustrating! Of course, since I am always learning, I really value all of your comments! Mark
  6. I just got back from a week vacation with my family and promised that I would not be on a computer. Logged in this morning and saw this post. A lot of good stuff here in Monstrphil's post. A golfer once said, "The harder you try, the luckier you get." You cannot concern yourself with other people, things happen in life that are not fare. The main thing that Monstrphil said is the most important jewel in life: goals. There is an old Sioux Indian saying that said, "If you don't know where you are going, any path will take you there." My life has worked out well for me, and it all started with goal setting. Just remember that goals have to be achievable, measurable, and time bound. If you set realistic and achievable goals, you will accomplish them. Period, drop the mike. Mark
  7. Thanks Nerv. I could never understand a "Render Wars" type debate. Having said that, renderers are different and one renderer is never the silver bullet. I think that is why so many, including myself, use different renderers all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that I will purchase Corona when available. I have been watching your posts lately with all the different renders you have been trying and have enjoyed what you have been sharing. I think you did one of a parrot with some neon lights and was really drawn to it, not sure why. I also saw that you tried Redshift, a renderer which has been generating a lot of interest. Unfortunately, something I can't use because I'm on Macs. The one thing I can say for sure is that I have been really happy lately with all the different renders available to us! Just a few years ago, we did not have much of a choice. Now, wow. I really feel that many of us are now using different renderers for different works. Just like a tool box with different tools. I did take another look at the same scene I did in Corona, and it was not as bad as I thought. I still think the Maxwell render looks better for me, but that is the beauty of anything that is not math or engineering. We all have are own opinions on what we like. Often, the key is to produce what others like and not what we like. That is one of the many reasons I like this site and its members. This is a very active and talented community and I am always able to get input and direction. I even appreciate the blunt criticism because I know that it is real. My main job is managing a large IT infrastructure, but I have been doing a lot of C4D work to train, teach, and inform about waste water management. So I am on a "knowledge island" in terms of 3d modeling and rendering. That is why this site has been so helpful to me. I wish I could show my sewage stuff, but I can't because of security reasons. Mark
  8. That is great. The details are wonderful. For example, I like the creases in the carpets and I can't imagine the time you spent on the curtains over the bed. The details are so good, I good almost smell the diapers. Truly great work! Mark
  9. Amazing work! A great range of skills from motion graphics to modeling. What other software did you use, After Effect, Photoshop, etc? And as a side note, I really liked the music, kind of a bluesy, Southern rock thing going. Nice choice! Mark
  10. I did the same scene in Corona and you are right, it took about 45 minutes at 200 passes with 0.8 denoising. A much better option for speed. However, my skills at shaders and textures are not very good so it was not better. I'm sure with practice, I will get better with materials. I was ambitious with Corona on another scene and tried animation (I linked the animation on another post.) Corona was a bit slow for animation, but at least an option. Something I would never be able to do with Maxwell! Thank you for the comments, Mark
  11. On my original post, I mentioned that I did this render both GPU and a CPU render. The image above is the CPU version with post in Photoshop. Below are the raw, unedited images in both GPU and CPU. The GPU, while twice as fast, does not look right. I just thought I would share what I found. On the Maxwell forums, they say that their goal is that there will be no difference between the two. Obviously not there yet. Mark
  12. I didn't think about using a farm, not a bad idea. I have 2 MacPros, and two 8 core Mac Xserves that I use all the time. But for whatever reason, I cannot get Maxwell to net-render across my computers. Some errors with licensing. But a farm may be a better option. The wall is a bit odd. When I did my test renders, it looked a lot better. But once the details came in on the full render, the wall started to look a little cartoonish. I still have to work on the books, so I will try adjusting the wall, see what happens. Thanks!
  13. I have been doing a lot with Octane lately and also trying out Corona. Both are great. But I rendered this scene in Maxwell. Maxwell is still the best for me in rendering lifelike scenes, but just so slooooow compared to Octane and even Corona. This scene was rendered on an 8 core MacPro and took about 23 hours with the CPU renderer. The latest version of Maxwell now supports GPU on the Mac and I tested it on my old MacPro which has an Nvidia 970. I was able to render this scene using the GPU, but still took 13 hours. However, this is a noticeable improvement compared to the 24 hours using CPU. But when I compared the results of the GPU render to the CPU render on my test renders, I was a little disappointed with the GPU version - less reflections and a little flat. So this render is CPU. Post done in Photoshop. When I get a chance, I'll post both CPU and GPU (unedited in Photoshop) to compare. This is still a WIP. I need to resolve some texture issues with the books. Any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated! Most of my work and renders are about sewage and wastewater management, nothing interesting. That is why I am always looking to do something that is, less smelly! Mark
  14. Forester is well worth it! But again, some things to keep in mind. First, like I said before, you cannot distribute across a selection. The other part to keep in mind is that you MUST go to the "Simulation" tab under Forester and select the "Cache Simulation" button. If not, you may get jumpy animation on the plants, especially if you are rendering across multiple machines (this caused me a lot of frustration until I figured this out.) And Slgor, I know you occasionally use Maxwell. Maxwell does not seem to work with Forester. I have not spent much time figuring out what is going on, but the leaves do not render. However, the control you have with animation in Forester is great. You can change wind speed, wind direction, volatility, and you can control just the leaves or branches. It is also possible to create your own plants. 3DQuakers appears to be a small company so updates are few. They also seem to be working on another plugin for C4D that animates vehicles. Not sure when, and if, this will come out. This effort may be taking away limited resources from any upgrades for Forester. But even without some needed upgrades (not updates) this program is well worth it. I want to make sure that I am clear that an upgrade is desired, not an update. The plugin is bug free and works perfectly. Just wish there were a few additions. Finally, they do not have a trial. The concern they have is that there is no way to control unauthorized use if they send a trial because it is just a script. I understand and have no issue with this decision. I purchased it blindly, but very happy that I did. Mark
  15. Thank you, I do like the trees a lot too. They are from 3DQuaker's Forester. An amazing plugin that I use often. I strongly recommend it. While very good, I have to work around some odd shortcomings such as their multicloner. I usually use MoGraph and use selections for distributing objects, such as trees. Their multicloner is similar, but you can't distribute on selections. So I have to create several copies of a plane to distribute across specific areas. I'm hoping that this will be addressed in a future version. But the ability to animate trees and plants is amazing. So much control. Again, this is a plugin that I enjoy a lot. Mark