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  1. Thanks Igor. The hardest part was coming up with an idea. While it's really a simple idea, I feel the picture is fun. I bought the house because the schools are very good, and it's on a lot of land that is deep in the woods. Only problem with a large house is I now have my mother-in-law living with us, and everyone that comes in town stays with us. So it get really hectic around the holidays. And my mother-in-law drives me nuts. The only thing that is getting me through this is beer. A lot of beer. If celebrated, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well. I
  2. Every year I use C4D to create our family Christmas card. This year I took a picture of us in front of our house (unfortunately no snow today) and used a Genesis2 figure from Daz to create Santa. I then found a free model of a 1956 Oldsmobile on Turbosquid. I changed the shaders on the Olds and rendered in Arnold. I was asked a few times why I used a '56 Olds. I have no idea except that's the kind of car I would imagine that Santa would drive! Of course he uses his sleigh on Christmas Eve. The rest of the year he drives his Olds. Mark
  3. I guess it's gimmicky, but woks. (I guess that means I'm not too optimistic if it works.) I know that many high-end studios have cameras to track facial movements, but I sure do not. I doubt most of us do not have access to this equipment. But a phone that I already own, software that I already own, and connected with a free application is amazing, nontheless. Animating characters has been easy, but animating the face is nothing short of extreme pain for me. I was able to map the movements to the characters with this app and it looked pretty good. The characters move well on t
  4. This looks amazing. I'm going to give it try tonight. I thought about this when I got my iPhone X, and was hoping that someone would come out with this. It's been about five years since I stopped programming for the iPhone, but had something like this in the back of my mind.
  5. Maybe you could take a look at this: https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-book/ I used it a few years ago and it is pretty good. Plus, it is free. He does ask for a donation, it's up to you. Mark
  6. That's funny, I use to be a regional VP at RS in the late 80s, specifically the business products division (the computer stores.). But I remember that the consumer stores had tubes, but could only buy them from the Soviet Union and East Germany. There are still people put there that believe that tube sound systems are better because they do not have that digital hiss. I can't hear it, but they say they do. As far as the solid state servers, I would assume their SANs have SSDs. I use SSDs as tier 1 storage on my SANs here. VERY expensive; my two 3Pars cost over a million dollars becaus
  7. Me too, almost everything is Redshift, and before that was Octane. The scene above was rendered in Corona, which I like a lot. Corona would be great if it could do volumes, but sadly it does not. Cycles4D has had some use for me, but the speed can be slower than Physical in certain situations (even using the GPU.) I was thinking of something kind of interesting. I use Redshift, X-Particles, Forester, Drive, and a few other plugins. Cinema 4D is slowly becoming just a host, or framework, for other applications. Until about three years ago, everything was done in Cinema 4D, now
  8. Thanks you. I haven't looked at this for a while because I'm now knee-deep in an insane project with a deadline that is keeping me up all night. But looking at it now, I can defiantly see that the scale is way off. Something that I really didn't notice when working on it. The scale of the road is correct, but the grass and weeds are way too big, just like you said. I have spent many many years as an amateur nature/landscape photographer and was always working with the "magic hour." It's interesting that I did not consider this when setting up the lighting in the scene. Cha
  9. Thanks CBR and CApruzzese for the very kind comments! It started out as a project to learn somethings for an upcoming project, but then began to consume me. I already stared on 1) correcting the animation of the guy walking in the first scene, 2) having him sitting on the chair with the hat off with the hat sitting on the armrest in the second scene, 3) having the hat hanging on the coathook in the third scene, and 4) working on a forth scene. The forth scene will be the frustrated guy walking in a city towards the factory, and then the factory blows-up, with him out of the scene. Then you
  10. The way my 3D work goes, there are always two to three week waiting periods were I either take a break from 3D, or try to learn something new. For a future project, I will be using X-Particles so I thought I would give it some attention. Furthermore, I know NOTHING about character animation. So I though t I would combine them in this little video. My father has been very frustrated lately with a certain large electronics company so I really did this with him in mind. But I thought I would share it here as well. Needless to say, the character animation leaves a lot to desire (not sure wha
  11. I made a two last changes. I added three different trees and changed some rocks. While looking at the last image, something seemed wrong. So I pulled up some photos I took in October and realized that there are many different trees in the woods. It's hard to tell in the summer because they are all green. But the different trees become visible in the fall with the varying colors of the leaves. Mark
  12. Well, you are of course right. I added a slight DOF (may need more), worked more on the shader for the road, and added a LUT. A road like this would most likely not have lines (as you pointed out) but I need this shader for a future project so I thought that I would work on it for this. Again, thanks for everyones suggestions! Mark
  13. Thank you. I went way over the needed passes with 250. I set up the render and went out to dinner. I had three MacPros Team Rendering for one hour and 18 minutes. I'm sure 40-50 passes would have been enough. Maybe even 20 with denoising The scale does seem strange. I think because I set the lens to wide angle to make it seem larger. I may have been better off to use telephoto and move the camera back to compress the distance, but that may make the scene look smaller. The road may also look small because the lines might be too big on the shader. I should have made the lines smaller.
  14. Just killing some time until my next project starts in three days. This is a scene of a typical warm fall day in the Great Lakes that I would see while out hunting. This could be anywhere in Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. Rendered with Corona. The scene only took a couple of hours to create, but the shader for the road took more than that. Can't seem to get that shader to look the way I want. It's composed of many layers. The trees are Laubwerks, the other plants are a combination of XFrog and Forester. Mark
  15. I like it, looking forward to see how you animate it. The hands are very well done. I would like to make one suggestion. I cannot tell if you have a fillet on the body. If you do, I would increase it. If not, I would add one. Very few things have, as it appears to me, a very sharp edge. Mark
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