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  1. Me too, almost everything is Redshift, and before that was Octane. The scene above was rendered in Corona, which I like a lot. Corona would be great if it could do volumes, but sadly it does not. Cycles4D has had some use for me, but the speed can be slower than Physical in certain situations (even using the GPU.) I was thinking of something kind of interesting. I use Redshift, X-Particles, Forester, Drive, and a few other plugins. Cinema 4D is slowly becoming just a host, or framework, for other applications. Until about three years ago, everything was done in Cinema 4D, now Cinema 4D just controls everything. (Well, not entirely true, but feels that way sometimes.) That may be true for all other applications, but I cannot speak with any authority on Maya, Max, Blender, etc. But It appears to be the same. As a mater of fact, the way I learned Redshift was reading and watching tutorials on Maya with Redshift. I just do 3D work by myself (part time, I have a full time job in the IT field) and not part of a team. Everyone says that I need to learn Maya to be competitive, but does not apply to me because I do not plan on working for a large studio. However, the way our industry is going, in the future I can probably pick up Maya because it too may just be a host for the plugins that I now use in Cinema 4D! This is an interesting time in the 3D field for us. Mark
  2. Thanks you. I haven't looked at this for a while because I'm now knee-deep in an insane project with a deadline that is keeping me up all night. But looking at it now, I can defiantly see that the scale is way off. Something that I really didn't notice when working on it. The scale of the road is correct, but the grass and weeds are way too big, just like you said. I have spent many many years as an amateur nature/landscape photographer and was always working with the "magic hour." It's interesting that I did not consider this when setting up the lighting in the scene. Changing the time of day is easy on this scene because I did not use an HDRI - just used the built in sun. When I am done with the project I'm doing now (which is as boring as hell) I may come back to this and make a few adjustments. Finally, the trees. Last fall I scanned some leaves from a maple tree in my backyard and created a great tree with a lot of different leaves. I may replace the maples in the scene with my tree, just not sure about the render times (because the tree was designed for close up and I used high res scans.) Worth a try. The tree I made was done in Forester, which is a MUST for anyone using trees. The funny thing about this was the road. I did this scene to get the road shader ready for the project I'm doing now, but ended up doing the project in Redshift! All that was for nothing. I had to spend hours recreating the road in Redshift. Again, thank you for taking the time to look at it and commenting! Mark
  3. The Same Song

    Thanks CBR and CApruzzese for the very kind comments! It started out as a project to learn somethings for an upcoming project, but then began to consume me. I already stared on 1) correcting the animation of the guy walking in the first scene, 2) having him sitting on the chair with the hat off with the hat sitting on the armrest in the second scene, 3) having the hat hanging on the coathook in the third scene, and 4) working on a forth scene. The forth scene will be the frustrated guy walking in a city towards the factory, and then the factory blows-up, with him out of the scene. Then you would see the hat roll into frame. That will be rendered with Redshift and I have been spending a lot of time on the shaders. I like the hat and will kind of make that the hero asset. CApruzzese, you are right about the smoke in the laundry room. The flip domain is the size of the room. However, I added a plane above it and added a collider to to the plane, which didn't work. As it turns out, the collider will not work on a plane, it needs to be a cube. That has been corrected. One of the many things I learned. Again, thanks! Mark
  4. The way my 3D work goes, there are always two to three week waiting periods were I either take a break from 3D, or try to learn something new. For a future project, I will be using X-Particles so I thought I would give it some attention. Furthermore, I know NOTHING about character animation. So I though t I would combine them in this little video. My father has been very frustrated lately with a certain large electronics company so I really did this with him in mind. But I thought I would share it here as well. Needless to say, the character animation leaves a lot to desire (not sure what is going on with the guys fingers!) The first scene was rendered in Redshift, the other two in Cycles4D. For the record, the company is fictitious and any association with a real company is purely coincidental! Mark
  5. I made a two last changes. I added three different trees and changed some rocks. While looking at the last image, something seemed wrong. So I pulled up some photos I took in October and realized that there are many different trees in the woods. It's hard to tell in the summer because they are all green. But the different trees become visible in the fall with the varying colors of the leaves. Mark
  6. Well, you are of course right. I added a slight DOF (may need more), worked more on the shader for the road, and added a LUT. A road like this would most likely not have lines (as you pointed out) but I need this shader for a future project so I thought that I would work on it for this. Again, thanks for everyones suggestions! Mark
  7. Thank you. I went way over the needed passes with 250. I set up the render and went out to dinner. I had three MacPros Team Rendering for one hour and 18 minutes. I'm sure 40-50 passes would have been enough. Maybe even 20 with denoising The scale does seem strange. I think because I set the lens to wide angle to make it seem larger. I may have been better off to use telephoto and move the camera back to compress the distance, but that may make the scene look smaller. The road may also look small because the lines might be too big on the shader. I should have made the lines smaller. Mark
  8. Just killing some time until my next project starts in three days. This is a scene of a typical warm fall day in the Great Lakes that I would see while out hunting. This could be anywhere in Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. Rendered with Corona. The scene only took a couple of hours to create, but the shader for the road took more than that. Can't seem to get that shader to look the way I want. It's composed of many layers. The trees are Laubwerks, the other plants are a combination of XFrog and Forester. Mark
  9. Little Robot

    I like it, looking forward to see how you animate it. The hands are very well done. I would like to make one suggestion. I cannot tell if you have a fillet on the body. If you do, I would increase it. If not, I would add one. Very few things have, as it appears to me, a very sharp edge. Mark
  10. Floating Island

    I like the small details a lot too. But I'll let you in on a very simple secret I found doing the grass. It is SO simple. A few years back, I needed some animated trees and stumbled across 3DQuakers Forester. In there they have grass as well. All I did was to put a dirt shader on the plane, added the grass to the plane using their MultiCloner, but changed the amount to put on there until it was "patchy"enough. The materials they include need to be adjusted because it looks too CG. So I added a filter, adjusted the Hue to make it more yellow, and then added reflection with an IOR of 1.43. The trees in this scene are Laubwerks, but I used C4D's cloner to distribute them and randomize the size and rotation. The Laubwerk trees work right out of the box, the Forester trees and plants need some help. But I strongly recommend Forester, they did a great job with this plugin. The Forester plugin also has a rock creator. I used that to create the rocks. Flat ones for the walk, and rounder ones every where else. I then used the C4D cloner to distribute them everywhere but the path. I used Forester's MultiCloner spline mode to place them on the path. That is it, simple! Mark
  11. Dagon - new animation

    I like it! The animation does a great job of telling the story, so much so that the narration takes a secondary roll. May I ask how long this took you to make? Montreal most be a great place to work, a lot of VFX is done there. Isn't RodeoFX from there? Mark
  12. Floating Island

    Based on the suggestions, I changed the HDRI, modified the rocks on the retaining wall, created a new shader for the island, and created a new shader for the water in the pond. Thanks for everyones suggestions! Mark
  13. Floating Island

    That's part of what I do. I manage thousands of computers, about 80 severs, two SANs, networking, and voice communication for a government agency based in Chicago. The C4D work is on the side. Kind of fell into it. I did a presentation at work and one of our attorneys saw it and asked if I would help one of his friends out with a case. They needed to recreate an incident in a classroom. They were struggling with SketchUP and it looked like . I was busy at the time, but offered to help anyway. Well, that caught on like wild fire. Most of the work is for civil suits, occasionally wrongful death. While the animation is simple, the scenes need to be exact. This is for two reasons: 1) to accurately recreate what happened, and 2) the scene needs to look exactly like the photos or the jury will not believe the accuracy of the recreation (since they are comparing it to the photos in their minds.) A lot of archviz. That is how I became familiar with DAZ. They have so many customizable characters that easily import into C4D. Everything is done in C4D, except for creating the people and occasionally other assets. The deaths are depressing, the other stuff is aggravating. For example, I cannot tell you how many people think they are the first one to come up with the idea of slipping on a grape in a grocery store. Sometimes it's rewarding when we find something new in the recreations, but that's not often. I have worked on 34 cases over the years. The money is OK, but the attorneys are picky. I could finish a scene in about two or three nights, but then spend weeks tweaking it for them. We have a lot of manufacturing in Chicago so much if it is industrial incidents. The one I will be working on next is a guy who slipped on a polymer. IOR will be big on that one! Mark
  14. Floating Island

    Thanks! You know, watching Avatar is a good idea. I haven't seen that in a while and I understand that there are at least two more coming out over the next few years. A good time to refresh my memory to get ready. And take a closer look at the floating islands. My wife said the same thing about the wall. I should listen to her more (I hope she doesn't read this!). It would be easy to switch the rocks to the ones I used elsewhere. I wanted the rocks to be smoother because it is near the water, but just don't seem to work, does it. I may tweak or create a new shader for the rock material on the main island. Working on this is a lot more fun than the crime scene recreations I have to do (those get pretty depressing.) Mark
  15. Floating Island

    Thank you, it always means a lot when you like something! Yes, the HDRI is some crappy file I found online. All my good HDRIs have ground and my daughter insisted that there only be clouds. So I could only find some low res jpeg. Mark