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  1. Greenhouse WIP

    I have the C4D figure in the scene that does not render. I moved him around to eyeball the scale. So there is no real measurements on this. This just started out as a causal project. I do model to scale on most of my other work. Mark
  2. Greenhouse WIP

    Thanks Menno for your idea of changing the sun's direction. This certainly helped the image a lot. The colors seem to pop more and gave more depth. C4dCafe ROCKS. Mark
  3. Greenhouse WIP

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! Funny thing, I spent so much time with the 'camera' settings that I really didn't do much with the sun. I was so into the photography mode that I was trying to work with the light I had (I know that does't make much sense but once a photographer, always a photographer.) I will open it up and try moving the sun around. I should have time this Sunday to give it a try. That could make a big deference. I may need to save it as a 32 bit tiff to bring out the details in the shadows, but no big deal. Again, thank you, Mark
  4. Greenhouse WIP

    Ya, that drove me nuts for a while. In Corona, I created the glass using the Refraction setting with the default settings (and then added Reflection.) Under the Refraction settings, there is a checkbox that gives you an option 'Thin (no refraction)'. I find it odd that you need refraction for glass, but then select no refraction (wait, what?!) But reading somewhere I saw that this needed to be checked for architectural glass. One click and problem resolved!
  5. Greenhouse WIP

    Time to move on from this one and try to figure out R19. Here is the final version. Sometimes things are finished only when you stop. I tried to make it less busy by increasing the DOF slightly to f4 and focusing on the cut flowers in the vase. I also recomposed it by adding more of the roof to help deemphasize the busyness of the flowers. I added a broken flowerpot as another sub-story, worked on the window in the background building, decreased the saturation on the bricks, adjusted some of the shaders on some flowers, and added some detail to the glass roof. Finally, a little PP in Photoshop. Although I'm busy at my real job right now, I do not have any side projects projects comping up. So I have to come up with another idea for a personal project. Mark
  6. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Sadly, I found out that MAXON does not have Eportfolio in the US:( I guess it does not matter for me now, I'll be in a meeting for the reminder of the day. However, this will not preclude me from checking my email on my phone during the meeting! Mark
  7. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Just curious, how many times have you all clicked refresh on your email today? My wrist hurts. Mark
  8. Server for teamrender

    I manage over a thousand servers all VMed on 90 blades., so it's something I feel I should comment on. You really want to avoid blades. They should be in a rack enclosure, but absolutely require a blade enclosure. Blades do not have a power supply, do not have video ports, or most other ports. They plug into a blade enclosure which supplies everything it needs to function. Furthermore, blade enclosures do not run on standard power, ours require a dedicated 50amp circuit. Having said that, what I use at home are two old Apple XServes as headless render nodes. They each have dual 4 core Xeons running at 2.9. Each server cost $250 US, so 16 cores (32 threads) cost me about $500. Not only do they run OSX, they run Windows. As stated above, servers, such as these XServes are loud, especially when rendering. But a fully populated blade enclosure is so loud that it is difficult to even carry a conversation next to it. Finally, blades should have dedicated cooling because of the footprint density. Just my humble opinion, Mark
  9. Greenhouse WIP

    CBR, thank you again for taking the time to post a detail critique! The scene is busy, by design. But looking at it again, you are right, it is too busy. Going in, I had two goals: 1) was to make it timeless, and 2) was a busy scene. I was hoping that the scene would look like it fit in England in 1917, or the American Midwest in 2017. As far as the busyness, I have always been fascinated by paintings that have a lot going on. I now realize that this is more difficult than just throwing objects in. This became painfully apparent as I was modeling this. Every object needs to tell its own independent story, but fit within the overall story of the complete scene. For example, one story is the cut flowers in the vase with sheers next to it. So, having several stories in the scene would limit what I could use for DOF. I looked at it as a photographer, and knew that I would probably be around 5.6, and that is what I used in the render. I would never shoot at f16 since very few lenses do well at this aperture, but some DOF was needed. Too much would focus the viewer on one part, and not the other stories I was hoping to tell. Also in photography, there is the rule of thirds; focusing the viewer on one of the intersections. However, this would also defeat the purpose of telling several stories. But again, you are spot on – it IS too busy. So I looked at it again to try to find the balance of too busy, but a lot of detail. It is possible that having too many types of plants is contributing to this. Flow is an issue, again the challenge of creating a busy scene. A while back when I was a VP of a fortune 500 company, I dealt with a lot of stress. The way I relieved this stress was working on a model railroad. I was able to create a world that I could mentally enter and make things the way I wanted. I learned a lot about flow, and how the eyes follow things. For example; I would strategically place a fence (or some other straight line) which kept the eyes form be distracted by a contrasting environment next to it. Now, when I am in Cinema 4D creating my own work, I am again able to create worlds that I could enter and escape the pressures of work. I should have applied what I learned from my model railroad days to this scene. Contrast was high by design. I was hoping for a clear fall day with harsh lighting. But this has led to some blowouts. For example; the white orchid on the right is distracting. One thing 3D gives me over photography is I could actually change the intensity, color, and/or reflection of a material. Furthermore, this image is raw, straight from C4D. The final version will do well with some PP in Photoshop. Once again, you have made a great observation. Finally the bricks. At first I did not give much thought to this, but like in any photograph, it is often what you do not focus on that makes or breaks the image. Reducing the color intensity on the bricks could make a huge difference in the overall feel. CBR, you are obviously a talented artist. I am an engineer. Photography was my hobby to become less mathematical in life and more creative. 3D is now my new canvas of choice. I have learned so much about 3D modeling over the past three years of Cinema 4D, and posts like yours have helped a lot. While I will never have the vision of someone of your talents, it is something I will continue to work on as time moves forward. Thank you so much for your detailed posts, it is greatly appreciated! Mark
  10. Greenhouse WIP

    Here is the (close to) final version. The interior plants are from Xfrog, but I had to create new materials to render it in Corona. That was tedious work! I reworked some of the shaders as Cerbera had suggested and I am happy with the results. Again, thank you! Mark
  11. Chaos Group Purchased Corona

    I have been really excited about Corona Render and will purchase it when released. I'm sure that nothing will change by this but... https://www.chaosgroup.com/news/render-legion-and-corona-join-chaos-group-family Mark
  12. Greenhouse WIP

    Wow, you sure know your stuff! You are right, there is no displacement on the moss. I had it on an earlier version, but changed the material on the wall and forgot to add displacement. Very impressive observation! I also like what you are saying about multiple dirt layers. I tried to add complexity with the one layer, but this was a lot of work and did not do what I had hoped for. Multiple layers would be easier and look better. Thanks! Mark
  13. Finished my last project so I'm back to practicing. This was rendered in Corona. Everything was modeled by me except for the trees outside which are from Laubwerk. Everything is a procedural material except the lower stone wall. Will soon add the indoor plants. A lot of the shaders still need work (like the garbage can and the moss on the stones.) Of course, any opinions are greatly appreciated. Finally, I could use some ideas of what to put in there besides the plants. Might put in a garden hose next. Mark
  14. My house, someday!

    Funny! I live in Chicago, Crook County, The People's Republic of Illinois. Great people, lousy governments. I don't even mind winters, just not so cold. I mean, it's a bit much when my eyelashes freeze together when walking from my car to my downtown office,. I like what you said about the refrigerator placement. I was going for looks, not function. I could easily split the back cabinets and move the refrigerator there. I like it. The stairs have used a lot of my time, what a pain. I should have just modeled them from the beginning. When I put in the new stairs, I had to move a wall which took a lot of time. Trim, doors, outlets, switches, power cords and registers had to be adjusted. Now the top balcony is bigger on one side which kills the symmetry I was hopping for. I looked at the website of Caleidos4D and looks great. And at under $50, the price is good too. I may play around with this the next time I work on it. Never heard of this plugin, but looks great. This is good news. Thank you on the kind comments. By the way, did you build your house? Mark
  15. My house, someday!

    Thanks again for your input, so I made some changes. The grass is now geometry and not a shader. Still needs work because I left some bare spots, but kind of looks like the groundhog from Caddyshack made a visit. Since I brew a lot of beer, I added beer and beer taps. Did some work to the back doors, but still not complete. I also created a fire pit area where the stones are made with the Voronoi Fracture. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong with using an HDRI with the sky, so I Photoshopped one in temporally until I figure that out. You were right about the stairs so I made new stairs which are still not right, so I may have to make them by hand and not use the built in tool. I add more details like outlets, switches, power cords, registers, and other small details. Some shaders were cleaned up, but more to do there. Finally, I changed the outdoor plants using Forester so they can now be animated with a gentle breeze when, and if, I do a video. It is still using Corona, which I really like. I did try Anthony Owen's suggestion and tried Octane, but Octane crashed. Not sure if it was a memory issue because the scene was under 3GB. So something odd must have been left in there. I have to get back to animating water absorbing oxygen (not fun) but will have time to get back to this model in a few weeks. Mark