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  1. Hi folks, Trying to turn some extrusions into a nice even mesh to apply polyFX. Used to be able to do this via Caps/Quadrangles/Regular Grid but for some reason it's not working anymore. Any idea how to do this? I tried a subdivision Surface but it's not doing it for me. Thanks!
  2. Hey Cerbera, Was away for a bit....OK so I had tried the phong tag but no difference. isolated the bulb.... lightbulb.c4d
  3. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for responding. Yea.... my post is confused as I am I guess! Let me see if I can articulate what I'm looking for a little better... 1. Best/correct material setup that will allow me to render 2 versions of the scene. A. a bright coloured "Plastic/Ceramioc" version and B. A metal based version. 2. Render times - which I assume are going to affect what material choices I work with.... after countless video tutorials I'm still struggling to get any kind of render speed back into this. The "Lights Ani 2" video above I think had GI off and I used reflectance 3. The smoothness of the bulb My goal is to get the scene rendering properly and then I'll render out various camera views and probably add in some more object animations. From what I'm learning is there just seems to be a million ways to accomplish this! Or maybe one..... the right way. Here's the bulb... thanks for your help!
  4. hey all, So I'm attempting to do a logo flythrough and teach myself C4d (again) in the process. Days of Material setting, GI, AO, Lighting, Mograph effectors rabbit holes are taking its toll! I'm revisiting a version I worked on a couple of years ago because well... it's pretty terrible. https://vimeo.com/330707830 In that version I gave up on C4d for animation and brought layers into After Effects. But I always wanted to do it properly in C4d. So here I am. So looking to you guys for some help. The model has a truck load of lights in it - after realising that an actual light thrown in a cloner will cause all sorts of issues I used luminance on an object instead. Think Vegas Signage and you get the idea. This in itself took me ages to get it to work. I used Mograph Effectors to turn off the lights with shaders for random and animated Fields for the linear on/offs I've 2 versions of my file going, one where I am using plastic-ish materials where I managed to render out 240 frames at 1080 in a few hours and another with metallic materials where each frame is taking 5min + What I'm hoping is that someone can help me make the right decisions for the most efficient way to get what need from this file. I'd also like to get it to a point where I can box off the materials and render settings and start playing with some animations. For instance, though in my mind I'd like Metallic materials I'm probably better off with plastics/perspex or car paints as the end result needs to be bright coloured and cheesy (again, think casino) Here's some screen shots of where I am with this Animation wise... The plastic version that rendered in a few hours... It's just OK... A still of the metallic version that takes ages to render a single frame. Using Sky HDRi and GI .... unsuccessfully I'm also having an issue with the lightbulb meshes where they are not smoothing. I tried phong tags and shooting deformer to no avail. Any help from you guys with this would be greatly appreciated!
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