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  1. I have setup slow moving particles with trail and PlanarMesher generator added to create plexus effect (see attached image), works great when not in motion. When I play and the particles move, the trails change from particle to particle as well as the PlanarMesher. How do I lock in the initial states of the trails and PlanarMesher so that it is locked to the initial particles and doesn't change?
  2. Hi there, I am curious as to what method is used to create product renders that have their edges glow with reflective light. See below links: Throughout the video but predominantly 6-8 sec and 16 -17 sec https://youtu.be/4_5YIbseUAI I thought it may have been simply by animating the lights but after trying a number of attempts, the 'shimmer' never behaved as I wanted. I am wondering if this is done in a separate pass? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kyal
  3. Hi there, This should be simple and it probably is, however my mind is stuck. I have what is supposed to be a screen, it is made up of a cloner with a small rectangular cube as the child object. So multiple rectangles forming a large screen. I need to have the screen break up from the centre and for the rectangles to travel along a spline path, shrinking in the process and finally finishing off in a box. They need to follow the spline but not one behind the other, just as a general flow of motion. I am thinking that a random effector will sort this out. I have tried a few approaches, the best was a spline wrap deformer to the cloner animated with a random effector. But there were loads of issues. Please if anyone has a simple fix, let me know.
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