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  1. How did you setup you camera in C4D? You have to enable the rear blur option on the details tab and while there are several ways to setup the depth pass I found that setting your focus distance to 0 and the rear blur distance to something a little bit beyond the last object in your scene works best with most compositing apps. now to the real issue, the lens blur plugin included in AE doesn't work very well and even if you manage to tweak it a bit you'll have problems with objects/cards that have alpha in them in C4D as it doesn't seem to premultiply the alpha channel on those layers when rendering out of C4D. if you get the frischluft lenscare plugin you'll have a better chance of getting decent results in AE but you'll have to "erode" the layers that have alpha on them(see simple choker or minimax plugins in AE) which will not be easy because you have a mixture of cards(2D objects with alpha) and actual 3D objects. Remember also that depth passes should generally not have antialiasing turned on so you might need to render the depth pass separately using the standards renderer and manually turn off antialiasing other renderers don't seem to give you so much trouble with the depth pass(I was playing around with Arnold and the depth pass out of it is far more superior to that generated by the native C4D renderers) and I saw a couple of articles about Zdepth enDOFin which are C4D plugins that seems to handle alpha correctly but honestly I think if you don't need multipasses it's much easier to render dof directly from C4D. hope this helps

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