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  1. Hello, I can't seem to figure out the workflow. In RealFlow 10, I animated low-poly blueberries dropping into yogurt. I set up the blueberries to drop in and float as rigid dyverso objects. (This is the right method, correct?) I saved the SD and mesh out and I can bring everything into C4D just fine. However, my problem is that now I want use high-res geometry within C4D and replace/parent/mesh deform the high-res in place of the low-res. The "Create Motion Keys" button doesn't seem to be the correct method. It just creates one static keyframe across all frames. I'm assuming because it's technically driven by rigid dyverso (i.e. particle/mesh data) rather than actual transform data. Renaming the high-res object to the same as the low-res and replacing the SD Importer animation node doesn't work either. It freaks out. I'm assuming for the same reason that it's mesh/point data driven by particles. Is there a way to do this other than re-simming with high-res in RealFlow?
  2. Thank you @Cerbera. That worked great! I had played with the scale after Extrude Inner, but I guess I didn't get the right combination. Appreciate it.
  3. Hello, I've been looking around the web and hope I just missed a method or script or plugin that can do this. I'm wondering how I can have a selection of polygons to subdivide only to it's center point. I would call it a radial subdivide? Like the top of a cylinder. I've tried the Extrude Inner and scale to where the points are very close, and then join them using Optimize. That works okay for a single polygon, but I want to do it to an entire mesh. Here's a visual example. Any thoughts? Thank you!



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