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  1. I may end up investing in a render engine. Although, I have never truly understood the reason why the program itself hasn't spent the time to develop a render that works as good as those of 3rd party. I understand they deal with the program as a whole, but with so many people investing in 3rd parties, it seems like its a program downfall to not invest time into the render portion of the program itself. - I suppose that is why they partnered with Redshift!
  2. I have not used the Physical Renderer on this project. I honestly thought it would be down to the materials reflection channel. I tried bumping the reflection way up and adding a gradient layer to the reflection to have it fade out, but that didn't help with the black. it's a riddle.
  3. I'm using the standard renderer. I have yet to venture into the world of 3rd party renderers myself. I suppose it's possible in the standard render too. Never tried it as of yet
  4. Interesting. I had honestly thought of that as an idea, but hoped there was a method within C4D that would take that double render out of the equation. I knew that it was more than likely the fact that C4D was trying to keep it real. Which was why I was struggling to find an answer. I may have to go the route you've suggested and do a double render! - Thank you!
  5. Seems like an odd question, and maybe a fairly easy answer. I have a scene, with a truck reflecting onto the floor. The reflection of the white parts of the truck are visible. The problem I have is that I am supposed to make the tires visible in the reflection as well. They currently don't show up almost at all (which makes sense - but it's been requested) Any chance I am missing a simple solution? I have tried about 50 tests with no resolve. Thanks!
  6. that's great. I never thought about CMYK vs RGB as being a cause!!! You've been super heplful!
  7. wow. Not sure how i didn't notice. Thanks for sorting that. Your help has been extremely appreciated. Shawn
  8. This is where (as you can see) i fail at asking for help. However, that alone has helped me for the future! Thanks again posted it to my dropbox.. there are a few files in my textures folder that I have yet to clean out.. but for now I leave them in. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kgslwnw2s1skuy0/AAD0OTfae3ZvDKqD_Pn1aNlza?dl=0 Thanks!
  9. Not sure why my brain couldn't have figured that out.. File attached! Viking Cives 1 - RESOLVE.c4d
  10. The file is pretty massive. I have a super large detailed truck inside. You think its worth sending?
  11. So i gave that a shot - am I am most likely layering wrong somehow, but as you can see in the attached image, I am still getting the white section around the image (its a circular logo) Any insight into my lack of knowledge? Thanks
  12. Interesting. Ok, Will give this a go to verify!! Thanks for the response!
  13. I have a 'floor' with a standard blue material on it. In the center of the floor is an image of a truck. Below the truck - on the floor - i need a logo. I made a new material with an Alpha mask on it to cut away the white corners of the logo (even though there is no white in the corners of the PSD itself). The logo material is stacked on top of the blue floor material. The problem I am having is that I want the logo material to be about 20% visible on the blue floor. I have tried adding a transparency layer - but that lets the white of the logo material creep back into the floor. I
  14. The sad part - I danced around all those tags, i had it on the wrong object. Amazing how much light the reflection loses when you remove seen by reflection from an object. Thanks for the help. Headache over.
  15. Hey folks, So, Surely there is a silly answer to my question that i am overlooking. I have a chrome material. It's used about 100 times on this object (large truck) The truck is placed on a floor surface that has a slight reflection. The problem I have, is that the chrome material is reflecting the color of the floor surface (blue) into the chrome. I don't want the blue to show up in the chrome, but still want the chrome to have a bright reflection. Is there a way to stop the color bleed from the blue floor from inhabiting the chrome material? Image Attached for reference of th
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