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  1. Very cool. That was initially what I had tried to achieve and seemed to be missing a step. I am looking over your file and giving it a study to see what I have missed and you knew! Thanks for posting this!!!
  2. Wow. That is amazing. I am just studying your setup now to make sure I understand this method for the future! Massive thanks for the help. Above and beyond!
  3. Constraints you say.. Ok! I will give that a shot and see what my result is. I appreciate the feedback!
  4. Thanks for the response.. I have a copy attached from my dropbox. As I said, I am by no means an expert. So I very well could be missing the obvious! Thanks again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0m7cnuyhr6siy93/LONG ARMS - NEEDLES ANIMATION.c4d?dl=0
  5. Question for the pros regarding setting up an IK Chain for this.. As you can see in the image, I have a static point (ROTATION POINT 1) that will spin around it's axis. This top element will be connected to the long blue arm below, which will be connected to the large blue arm with needles piece as the bottom - which also has a static point (ROTATION POINT 2) Initially I tried to to rig a chain, but I am unable to rotate the top element (ROTATION POINT 1) once the chain is completed. Surely I am missing a step or two somewhere, and was hoping that someone would be able to help me out in terms of how to make this happen. Thank you, Shawn
  6. Cerbera - Yes. With such a massive selection of layers, if I select 20 or 30 in the middle, I would have to drag them up or down and hold them there for a few minutes until they are outside the group. I was hoping there was a 'Bring layer(s) to top' or such command that I am unaware of. Thanks!
  7. I currently run Broadcast R20. One of the things I have come across that I have been unable to get an answer for is: I have a model with roughly 1000 layers to it. I like to organize pieces of the model in groups. Is there a way that you can select a few layers in the middle of the layer structure, and bring those layers to the top of the layer structure? Thanks in advance. Shawn
  8. So after speaking with Tech. The CAD import for STEP isn't included in the Broadcast or below. The video on the MAXON website DOES NOT elude to this whatsoever. It shows that STEP file import is included in R20. I have never spoken ill of MAXON, usually spend time defending it against other designers, however, this isn't cool.
  9. I have just put in a message to support. I will see if they can help. Luckily I have time before this project becomes active. Thanks for the help!
  10. Does the new import file abilities change from version to version? Meaning, if I have the Broadcast version, it won't allow me to import a STEP file, but the Studio version would? I sincerely hope not...
  11. Southpaw - thanks for the response! The actual file is a STEP. As you mentioned, I tried via File/Merge, and although I didn't receive any indication that the file wouldn't open, C4D acted as though I had not tried to open anything at all, sitting with a blank canvas. I am currently giving it some time to open the file again in case it's taking absurdly long to do and I am just being to pushy. bezo - thanks! I used Moi 3 up until the release of R20. The company has said they could send an OBJ as well. Might take them up on that offer.
  12. I am still learning the program from a few technical standpoints. So please, bear with me. I have a complex (200MB) STEP file that a client sent for me to use. Up until previous versions, I used MOI to open and export for use in Cinema 4D. Now, as we updated to R20 last month, I noticed that C4D apparently opens STEP files within the program, but I have not been able to achieve this. I still get 'unknown file format'. Is STEP and STP not the same file upon export from CAD? I don't own a CAD program so I am unable to test it out. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Shawn
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