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  1. Isn't this script the same as using Scale + Shift + Drag axis ?
  2. Seems reasonable. Really looking forward to see more communication like this.
  3. Not impossible but i doubt it. And it's useless speculating based on an article with the little info they provide. So... sorry, not gonna be bothered by some guy with a cardboard sign telling us the doomsday is coming so he can get the kicks with trying to make us 'plebs' freak out and bail just because he dislikes some C4D doesn't have and feels we should follow his path. "It might rain in 6 months.. be prepared, get shelter now!!!" Be right there buddy, you go on first... *eyeroll*
  4. Thanks guys. Seems a good place to start. I was a bit confused about all animation stuff there is. There is also animating characters and rigging etc etc, and didn't really knew were to start. Basic animation/dinamics and of course the timeline seems the most logical way. And didn't knew about GSG having tutorials for beginners on animation. Good to know! Thank you and i hope next time i can show some stuff made by me.
  5. Basically my question is: Were to start to learn animation? Is there any good course online were i can start learning from scratch? I never really touched animation in C4D so i am blind as a bat in this.
  6. Extrudifier is a *.c4d file but its easy to clean up the scene given, save, and drag the file to your personal asset folder on the content browser, than you can easily drag the file to any open project. 1. Great tip, but i can't render it when i send it to the Render to Picture Viewer, i can only render it when i do a Render view or a Interactive render Region. It looks a lot cooler with the shape disabled. 2. Sometimes changing the parameters doesn't work so i just do a redraw and the viewport refreshes.
  7. Something came up and i couldn't make it to the last webinar... argh.. Hope MAXON can upload quickly so i can watch it. Corona developers just released a roadmap for CoronaC4D https://trello.com/b/dgI8vjDb/corona-road-map-cinema-4d Lots of good stuff.
  8. And i have no doubts that it will increase even more. Its a solid renderer with a good team behind who is always improving their product. I started using corona with 3dsmax. Like 3dsmax, vray felt bloated with way to many options for simple tasks. I don't have to search for that tiny little option hidden on that sub-menu that changes location every time a version is released. Don't get me wrong, vray was and must be the most powerful renderer atm, but Corona can do almost the same stuff with a fifth of the effort. And for someone who needs fast and good results like in ArchViz, Corona provides just that. Corona for me is like C4D, intuitive, simple and direct. That's why i feel Corona is an excellent complement for C4D and it will be even more after they release it with the IR and the Node Material Editor, something C4D really needs. Tomorrow will be the second webinar featuring vray and maxwell. It will be a good opportunity to see how Vray changed since i last used it. Really looking forward.
  9. It's been a while i have used Vray and i used it with 3dsmax, never with C4D but for me the results are very similar. Major diferences i would say is that Vray has more options so you can tweek it as you wish. Corona is simpler,and faster to setup, also with great and realistic results. I am going to watch tomorrows webinar to check the new vray and how it compares to Corona presently. Just click on the link on the registration email of the webinar. It tells you how many hours left for the webinar starts. You can check in youtube, they will put it online and everyone can watch id they wish.
  10. It is recommended never to surpass the 0.7 mark so the denoiser doesn't remove those small details. Denoiser is great but if used in full strength it can ruin the render. My last project had a sofa with a cloth bump and i achieved a good result using the denoiser with only 0.4. Even 500 passes seems a bit high. Are you using Light portals? What is the size that you are rendering? Last i read it seems some users are complaining corona turns really slow with 4k+ renders. My computer is a bit old so i have some difficulties when rendering large scenes, specially if i have generators like subdivisions. So i optimize my scenes by connect+delete all the generators and it solves most of my problems. Try to optimize your scene and check for stuff that might be slowing down your scene and don't give up on the denoiser, it really works and saves a lot of time. :)
  11. Corona is a great renderer and a really easy learn and to set up, fast and it gives you great results. It has become my main render engine for archviz projects. My station isn't that great but i can get a render with 1920*1080 in 30 to 45 minutes and using the new denoiser option they created. It is fantastic and can speed up the renders immensely. lopakam said he did 2000 passes but i never do more than 100. In my opinion, if you need more than 100 to clean up your image is because there is something wrong with the scene. There will be a webinar on realistic rendering today in about 3 hours featuring Octane and Corona. Tomorrow will be Vray and Maxwell. Its free and it seems a great way to learn. You guys might want to check it out. https://www.MAXON.net/en-us/news/MAXON-news/article/free-webinar-in-january-realistic-rendering/
  12. @PrivatePolygon It will, it just means that in February 3end Corona will connect to the servers and check your license. Because its in a alpha stage your license will be extended. This will always happen til they reach a final comercial ready product. Then your license will not renew and Corona will stop working.
  13. Received a patch today. On the patch notes some bugs on the knife tool seem to be corrected. I haven't had the time to test it tho.



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