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  1. Thanks for your help, am now making progress. Seems am gonna have to dig deeper into the Weights Manager, some areas are still alien to me.
  2. Every time I weight characters, its all good when at world centre...the deformations are perfect, everything works beautifully. The drama starts when I translate the Master Controller a distance from world centre...say 10000cm on the Z axis. All over a sudden I have unweighted points on my mesh pulling holes in the mesh and no amount of adding and smoothing combinations give me acceptable results. I have been trying to figure it out for close to a year and am super frustrated. Is there something am fundamentally missing or is it the tools?
  3. It's scary good how am gonna end up learning Blender without meaning to. I mean I can now comfortably model and sculpt in Blender, now am gonna learn Cycles to get ready. If Blender's devs ever come up with something like Mograph/Mash it'd be my duty to learn to use it. If Insydium one day creates XP for Blender... then what? Hmmmm!!!
  4. Really sad. Never knew him personally but I've gone through a bunch of his tutorials and they helped me a lot. My condolences to his family.
  5. Hmmm! Wondering if MAXON would give Africans the courtesy of a reseller instead of us having to use friends in the States and UK to help sort us out and ship over. It's a pain in the you know where...sigh!
  6. Thanks for the tips guys! Will get to it in the morning and if it still acts up i will upload a video of this drama...much appreciated!
  7. Hey Vozzz! Thanks for the rig! I have a quick question not directly related to this rig. When painting weights I saw Bret set a keyframe then fix the weights in point mode. Well I thought that was nifty and tried doing it the same way. I set a keyframe then switched to point mode to fix the weights...soon as I do that it snaps back to it's original position so its hard to see where to paint. I watched that video a whole week and it just kept snapping back while Bret's stayed put. How can I fix this? Please help, this is killing me!
  8. I hear you @Arail. 90% of all modelling gigs in my area either require Max or SolidWorks. Drives me insane the amount of work I gotta pass up...waiting for that C4D job. Thought of switching, ended up expanding into Mograph...that's my final stand tho. If it fails I will crawl to Max, defeated and dejected.
  9. Thanks man! That was the button I was searching for. Much appreciated!
  10. Hi! I just realized I've never used the ghosting function for animation in C4D. I remember seeing someone use it in a tutorial I watched and am trying to find it with no luck. Anybody know where I can find this phantom button?