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  1. Hi guys! My 2 cents on the topic: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EMfgEuGXkAIr0tj?format=jpg&name=900x900 Besides the jokes, I think Cinema 4D is one of the greatest software that I have used and now is affordable even for my location. When I open Blender, all the navigation and stuff make me feel I got into LADA car (it is old soviet cars)it can drive you in every place but in the most uncomfortable way, when I use Maya, I feel like I am driving Alpha Romeo - beautiful but it breaks every 10 km., when I use 3Ds Max (my first 3d app) I am feeling I am in a tank - I have 2 handles for everything, when I use Houdini...well like I am in CERN, I am accelerating particles to make a cube, and I accidentally make a hypertorus packed with monkeys, which are consumed by the black hole that also accidentally appeared...I end up making the cube with real paper from the garbage in the post apocalypse world that I have created. when I use Nuke - I am using BMW, cool but too expensive and in the winter you don't go out with it... and when I use Cinema 4D - I am in a AUDI! Feels good and takes you where you want to go! The grass is not always greener on the other side!
  2. Yes, I forgot to mention Houdini. Looks great...but I am not sure about artists' perspective when you need to create fast stuff...I am also tired of constantly learning new software...to learn the same thing for example in Blender.
  3. Well...I read all this, eating popcorn (of course just kiddin')... I think this is the way all the industry is heading not that groundbreaking updates...see Nuke - not that new stuff, you have to pay for maintenance...bug fixing...Autodesk's products....also not that much happening. Maybe the only 3D program with a lot of happening is Blender, it has some new energy. I think Cinema also need some new energy...
  4. Wow, in fact I like the stuff there! Nodes! Of course this gradient tool...I am messing up with the r19 and it is a pain!
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