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  1. Nio

    whut? r20 features demo???

    Wow, in fact I like the stuff there! Nodes! Of course this gradient tool...I am messing up with the r19 and it is a pain!
  2. What I am cooking... I am wondering is it good option 960 gtx 4 gigs(current) with 1060, if Redshift doesn't like SLI?
  3. Thanks a lot, Nerv!!! Finally I will have some clue what I am doing!...
  4. Thanks, SIgor ! I like very much the Redshift...It is super fast and I am with single 960 GTX and 4 gigs of vram..
  5. Hi, guys...Here is also basic test with Redshift...just the marble preset of the SSS material...But I really like it!...The second one is a try in Mental Ray SSS in 3Ds max...I prefer the Redshift in Cinema...Really like it but I need to start digging into it and create more complex shaders....
  6. Very nice demo reel!!! Love the old school game with the boy jumping on the floating ground!
  7. Nio


    Really nice price! I am only just wondering, for now I have only one GPU GTX960 4 gb, will this be ok for some cycles rendering? Mostly doing dental visualizations in 1024x768. SSS, skin...teeth...
  8. Nio

    C4D GPU Future of Rendering

    well, the new macbook pro has....really not pro card....It will be perfect for the MacPro with dual cards, but the macbook pro...i don't know, it looks not that pro... So Open CL support Nvidia cards?