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  1. Emanuelle 7? lol first time I've heard of it. Looks like a terrible movie. But yeah, went a bit overkill on the bloom. The final should have little or no bloom. Thanks :) Ha, thanks. If you're referring to that apartment/bedroom, it's nothing special really, bet you can do it too if you go for it!
  2. Had to do a WIP render for my portfolio to show on a job interview I have Tuesday, fingers crossed! Tweaked the lighting a lot since my previous render, which wasn't very good. Made the garden on both sides of the apartment as well. Except for a stuffed animal ( which my girlfriend made me create) the bedroom section is finished. That leaves the living area.
  3. Wait and see who's going to end up on that bed by the time I'm done xD
  4. Small sign of life here! Been trying to get some nice results out of Corona for C4D for the past weeks between job hunting. Bought a HDRI from Peter Guthrie too, really makes a difference. This is the bedroom area of an apartment I designed. The render is still a bit noisy (2,5%). Used Substance Painter for the wooden furniture and Marvelous designer/Zbrush to create the bed and curtains. Still a lot to be done :)
  5. Nice one again, I really dig the 3D printed look it got. Keep on rocking!
  6. Ha! Great stuff as usual man :)
  7. Lol nice, reminds me somehow of the fat guy from the PS2 game Jak II.
  8. Sweet! But what is it? The name sounds like some Italian dish haha.
  9. Nice work on the clock. The floor on the other hand doesn't look that good. The overal image would be a lot better if you put a bit of work into that part. Try to make the tiling less noticable, add some bump and change the reflection a bit :)
  10. Hi, baking is the process of transfering high poly mesh details on to a low poly mesh in the form of a normal map. There are also other maps like ambient occlusion maps, roughness, height, thickness etc. The high poly meshes are not usable for animTion or games and such so projecting the details on a low poly mesh m,akes them usable. Don't know if I make sense haha.
  11. Your video doesn't show, probably private. Have you seen this ?
  12. Substance painter is da bomb!
  13. @Fythos That's very good to know, at least now I'll be able to get to learn Corona and complete a project with it. Thanks for the info!
  14. Saw this yesterday and dowloaded the Alpha. Got a test scene and it looks great. I was only wondering, I saw in the about window that the license is activated until february 2nd. Won't it work after that? I'm going to create an interior scene and would like to learn Corona but if I can't use it after next week I think I might skip this.
  15. Lol, I wouldn't even have the nerve to ask something like this. Some people...