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  1. Harry Winston OPUS 11

    Woa great, cant even imagine how you create sometuing like this.
  2. modelling WIP-Dutch city bike

    Right haha those are too! But it's usually a complete wreck what we used to call a bierfiets because of all the crashes after a long night in the pub ^^
  3. Interior renders

    Looks really great, well done!
  4. Bedroom Interior

    Pretty nice, is this the raw render or did you do any photoshop work on it?
  5. modelling WIP-Dutch city bike

    Out in the countryside where I'm from we'd call it a "bierfiets" (beerbike) Will you be creating the tire profile from geo too or is that for the texturing process?
  6. Bürt The Bear Butchering Fat Viking

    You mean towards the fingers or back to the wrist?
  7. Bürt The Bear Butchering Fat Viking

    Finally done with the arm. I had a bit of a struggle with the hand but I was fortunate to be able to study one of Vector's character's hands so that helped a lot! The arm has 1068 Polygons. Edit: come to think of it, 1068 might have been the subdivided amount. Needto check this later ^^
  8. The Orville ECV-197

    They do have an app for tablet but it wasn't available in my country. And if it were, you won't be able to watch the first 2 episodes. Probably broadcasted too long ago.
  9. The Orville ECV-197

    You're right! I so hate comedies and when I saw it written on IMDB I thought nevermind but after watching the trailer I got really excited to watch it. Unfortunately FOX The Netherlands does not broadcast it yet. Ah well perhaps in 2 years like usual :(
  10. The Orville ECV-197

    Pretty cool! I'm a real trekkie but I've never heard of Orville. Need to check that out I guess. Will you createa scene for the ship to be put in ? Edit: nevermind, lost interest when I read comedy series on google. I'llstick with Discovery :)
  11. 3D archaeology volunteer work

    Archaeology and 3D! Sounds great, been interested in archaeology since I was a child. Unfortunately I don't live in that area. Good luck finding someone :)
  12. Bürt The Bear Butchering Fat Viking

    Well I think I might do the bear head over his head and the helmet on top of the bear with his ears coming out underneath to amplify his dumb expression lol Anyway, before I get there there's still the matter of making the head itself and the hand which I'm struggling with now ^^
  13. Bürt The Bear Butchering Fat Viking

    Ha, that's what I wanted to do with the bear hide, but I also wanted to give him viking helmet so I have to make some choices. Got a list of things I want to implement and they are all pretty fun. Shield with arrows wasn't on the list but would be pretty cool too, maybe on his back since I've already got things in mind for him to hold. Brainstorming for projects like these is so much fun. You can already see him coming to life just by imagining.
  14. Hi everyone, Thought I'd create a new topic for once. I've had this idea for about a year now but always other projects came in between. For a change, this project will be completely modelled inside C4D. Not sure about the texturing but it will probably involve some zbrush or Substance Painter So like the title says, this will be a fat viking and its still a surprise what it's going to look like and what objects it will involve other than a double sided axe ^^ In the end I will try to give it a toy/cartoony look.... yeah like those of that other guy you might have noticed around here..." @VECTOR" :D Never done a cartoon figure since I always strive towards realism so this should be fun. "bear" with me with this one :P
  15. Happy Birthday Everfresh

    Happy B-day! Have a good one, I'll have a beer on your health!