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  1. Thank you! Ha, there will definitely be some tuffts of hair coming from underneath his cap and ofcourse the eyebrows and eyelashes. Thanks for the tips, although I have already made some nice changes since this picture, I will for sure check out some eyes of old people to see what the difference is! EDIT: Got it, made them more bloodshot and murky, also dialed down the normal map for the iris which made the eye look sharp. Thanks again for noticing.
  2. Awhh yeah, getting there!
  3. Pfew, think I must have created 5 sets of eyes and altered the mesh a couple of times but I think I've got them good enough for the final look. So hard to get a convincing set of eyes but for the second time doing this I think I can be a little bit proud. I think I've also need to alter the different regions of specularity on the face, especially the lips doesn't look ok at the moment.
  4. Thanks everyone! SSS is already applied. It can be seen slightly around the ear and nose. But it's not really noticible with this lightin setup.
  5. Thought I'd create a new topic for this project for once. I did this sculpt last year as my first Zbrush head sculpture but was never satisfied with the final render. So after moving to a new village and inbetween painting walls and renovating the house I decided to pick up that project to get a more realistic result.. though probably not as realistic as Rectro's females ;) The head I made didn't have good proportions so I hope I did a better job with this one, not really using a lot of reference pics... yeah I know, I should :) Anyway, I'm planning to give him a cap and outfit like in the Peaky Blinders show I think. So far made with Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance Painter and this render with Marmoset Toolbag. Texture is half hand painted and half my fathers face :P
  6. Really great work Rectro. I'm especially admiring the eyes because I'm struggling at the moment on creating eyes for an old sculpture I'm bringing back to life. Did you create seperate objects for the cornea, sclera, iris and such?
  7. Restarted, scrapping things or leaving parts out. Even putting personal projects aside and not finishing them. Every artist must've encountered situasions like that for once.
  8. Nice work mate. Love the style of it all.
  9. You're welcome.Seeing you used Substance Painter, I know for a fact that Substance Source has a lot of skin materials, If you bought Substance Painter than you've got 50 free downloads :)
  10. Wasn't really happy with the paint job on the elephant I made so I had some time last night to redo it in Substance Painter after working with it a bit more often.
  11. Cool character, though the skin shader feels a bit flat to me.
  12. What about here on pluralsight/digital tutors?
  13. Yeah super sweet like I mentioned on you fb page too but when will we get to see everything moving? at least if the project has animations?
  14. Oh man that's pretty epic!
  15. Looking smooth indeed, keep it up!