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  1. Workflow of making a shoreline

    I've read somewhere that Pixar actually modelled a bunch of sand grains and the beach you see are exist out of billions of grains. Imagine the power needed to render that. Anyway. I think realflow would give the most realistic result but pretty heavy to simulate indeed. Can't give you any advise on that since I've never worked with that...
  2. Starboard character (WiP)

    Ha Menno, thank you! This is the first time I've heard of it and wish I've known of it sooner but unfortunatley I've already got other plans. Nice oppertunity to upgrade your network there I guess. If you're going, let me know how it was! Ps: Eindhoven is not around the corner for me either, moved to Medemblik a couple of months ago :p
  3. Is it necessary to get render plug-in?

    Corona alpha is free for now and really easy to use unkike vray. Give that a try :)
  4. Starboard character (WiP)

    Looking cool already!
  5. Corona alpha material

    Ha, no worries, had a hard time describing the problem and should have mentioned it straight away. Thanks anyway!
  6. Corona alpha material

    Nah, still don't see how it is possible, got 50 objects with 8 textures mixed on them. Don't see a way to stack a single opacity layered material on top of them with the methods I tested. It would be if I changed the floor to a single material but that's not what I was planning to do. Pretty stupid such a thing which was easy to do in physical is not possible with corona...\ EDIT: Stacking materials is still a wip and is on their roadmap to implement.
  7. Corona alpha material

    Alrighty, will look into it further!
  8. Corona alpha material

    Can the layered material project 1 "decal" on top of 50 objects so that it looks like one texture? What I understood about the layer material is that it acts only on the specified material and not on a complete set of objects. Here a quick example on what I'm after:
  9. Corona alpha material

    Seems that this is not possible yet in Corona for C4D, what a bummer
  10. Corona alpha material

    Hi all, got a question about the alpha material in Corona. When using standard c4d materials I could apply an alpha material on top of material already applied on an object. If I do this with a Corona mtl the underlaying one becomes transparent. I want to apply some roughness on a floor by putting a mask in an alpha map and apply it to all the floor objects but doing it the way I used to doesn't work. What am I doing wrong or do I have to use a different material for it? Thanks in advance
  11. Sons of the Harpy

    Ah I see, I'll be waiting patiently then ^^
  12. Sons of the Harpy

    Was wondering, did you ever finish it? Would have loved to see it fully textured :)
  13. Poster wall – Realistic one :)?

    Right! If the posters are supposed to be stacked and glued together, creating a single mesh to sculpt on is the way I would go. Even if there aren't that many posters I'd place lots of planes very close to each other and do a "connect objects+delete" so the folds would transfer through the all the other planes and not a single one thus creating the effect of other ,layers beneath the paper ( don't know if that sentence made sense haha). I'm not really a clones and effector guy so I'd always try it this way instead.
  14. Poster wall – Realistic one :)?

    Wouldn't this be the easiest and quickest way to do in sculpting mode? Create the folds and creases with alpha's?
  15. New Female Character

    A female!? You liar ;) can't you make it a female monster then? Haha good luck!