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  1. Hard to say what sort of effect you'd like to achieve here but the first thing I notice is the grainy looking shadows (or is it a texture ?)on the ceiling and walls . If you'd crank up the samples in the render settings you can get smooth looking shadows.
  2. Yep, slight bevel on those edges would improve the image a lot! And btw, welcome to the wonderous world of 3D ;)
  3. Sweet, nice render!
  4. That's so beatiful, love those trees that's taking over everything in it's path. There's supposed to be a temple somewhere completely covered by it, but come to think of it, it might as well have been in Cambodia I got lots of inspiration from touring through Scotland, and that's only an hour flying ^^ thanks for sharing these!
  5. Probably a bit shaky on those thin legs lol!
  6. Lol I've already got a picture in my mind, what a flamboyant name! Good luck with that man :D
  7. 3 got so much hate, I didn't bother, liked it as much as 2. I played 1 after playing 3 since it only got released on PS3 after ME3 got out. Mechanics were terrible after playing the last two games lol. Looking forward seeing it, I hate secrets, got a hint for me :P ?
  8. Yeah, what about ME3 opening mission!? though it was so epic.
  9. Ha that's funny, looks like you're the opposite of what I prioritize when it comes to games, although I agree that game mechanics are really important too. It's a make or brake kinda thing. CD Project Red certainly did an outstanding job on the Witcher ( I only played 3), it's one of the best out there and so detailed. Perhaps I'm a bit picky when it comes to the storylines. Also the combat system is really well done, takes a bit of skill to complete that one on the highsest settings i reckon. Really looking forward to what they're going to make of Cyberpunk 2077. Can't be long till they'll show us something. VR looks pretty cool, it's supposed to be the future of gaming, at least I hope it will be. Haven't tested it out myself so can't say much about it, too expensive for me atm :'(
  10. That's so true, it seems like that's the only thing happening, and if people are not satisfied they put up a speech about how they continue working on it and throw a free DLC our way. Really what's up with these developers nowadays, 10 yeas ago a game had to be 100% done when it got released because it couldn't be updated but now they're almost always half finished. I'm telling myself that I'm getting to old for games, perhaps that's why the games used to be better... Horizon dawn was cool but felt empty. Even the Witcher 3, which was great, had a half decent story. I guess story writers are hard to come by. There's almost no game with a good story, which is the only reason i'm playing games. Uncharted 4 was a gem though, the only proper game there is atm on PS4
  11. Thanks! I am, are you? It's a nice game but storywise nothing compared to it's predessesors which you start comparing pretty quickly. Also the graphics are not really up to date I guess, playing it on the ps4 though.
  12. Hi all, been pretty busy lately with everything but 3D but between stuff I found time to pick up an old (actually my first) sculpt I did of a Mass Effect character, one from the Salarian race. (This was that first sculpt lol http://nieuwus.deviantart.com/art/The-Salarian-Refugee-401857304) Since A new Mass Effect game came out weeks ago I decided to see what I could do with that old Sculptris sculpture and release my skills on it that I required since that first sculpt. So I took it into cinema 4D and did a retopo which you can see here. The head is done as well but I'll show that once it's finished. Today I started with the body armour which is pretty hard for me. It's only going to be the upper body so not a lot to do except adding details in Zbrush and take it into Substance Painter for texturing!
  13. Haha yeah sure thing, can't even find time to finish my interior scene.
  14. Was so proud on my first character of myself that I decided to toy around a bit in Photoshop. So I created this and ordered it as a print on an aluminium sheet for on the wall above my desk. Will arrive later this week yay :D Has nothing really to do with C4D put thought I shared it anyway lol
  15. I'd love to although the thought of creating a low poly and UV's for the whole thing scares me a bit, I'll leave that up to you lol, good luck ;)