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  1. Personal R&D Series

    These look all pretty cool!
  2. Toys

    Dude, amazing. I really like how you did the lightbeam. Soooo... where can I find that Toyify button?? ;P
  3. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Why not a complete fruitbowl while you're at it ;)
  4. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Alright You've convinced me haha. Look great nonetheless. You've really nailed that toy look!
  5. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Love it, good job again. Though perhaps the eyes could benefit from some pupils..
  6. USB stick

    Nice, even the triangle has quads :p
  7. Multiople Bump Maps?

    What about layering the bump maps in the same material, Or isnt that the thingwhat you're looking for?
  8. My Wip's & Finals

    Thank you! I used a technique were i projected a displacement texture of a face onto the model. I haven't begun on making the big shapes non symmetrical yet but the result is already nice so far.
  9. Platinum Edge - Amex

    The tropical island one ks really nice, love the colours!
  10. My Wip's & Finals

    Tiny update on my character! Oh and for those who were wondering what that thing on his head is. It's a Force Field contained Medical Explosive Device :D he he he Have written a small background story for this character and will publish it when finished!
  11. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Ha! Seems that I got one too for my alien I uploaded this evening ^^
  12. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Ah fame. Well, you better get used to it ;P Ever since I got featured here with my Mass Effect alien things have been going crazy! Nah just kidding, though it's my biggest online achievement to date haha
  13. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    No way! That's awesome dude, congrats!
  14. Vectron Toys - Brain dead banana

    Even for a placeholder, shame on you dude ;P Nah seriously, amazing job man. I keep repeating myself haha
  15. Creature Sculpt - Kirin

    Great one again, saw this this morning on Reddit and had no clue it was posted by you :)