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  1. What's up people!? Haven't been around the past few years due to the fact that my work requires me to sit behind a pc monitor all day and I would like to do things in the real world as well But I do want to share with you the first organic 3D model I made in Cinema 4D yeaaaaars ago. I bought a 3D printer and dicided to print it. It's my first mini and 3D print I ever made so kind off proud on it. Hopefuly more (C4D made) prints to show in the near future. Anyway, I hope everyone is and stays healthy in these strange times. Peace out
  2. Ha, great, that works. I've been playing and trying it out over the past couple of days but just couldn't get it to work. Also, there's almost no documentation for the C4D version (don't know if it works the same for the other programs though)
  3. Standard, physical, pro. They don't show up in any render engine.
  4. Sounds promising but for now I can't even get the hair to render..
  5. So, I got an invite for the beta too. Looking forward to play with it. Can you create hair cards from the generated hair or do you need to create them manually?
  6. Great to see the café is still alive and kicking! The place looks better than ever and good to read that improvements are still coming, good job everyone ;)
  7. So, looked it up, turns out I knew Groot and the Racoon, guess that's at least a part of the guardians right ;)
  8. Seen all the star wars movies but never heard of Guardians of galaxy Anyway.. liking the render below much more. New lighting conditions!
  9. Thanks man! Well, been through a rough patch during the last year but I'm getting back on track slowly. I plan to make some more work in the coming months and hopefully end this project as well. I wish C4D hair would work but I need to get them into Marmoset Toolbag so I got to make some haircards.
  10. Hi people, good to be back here I'm still alive lol, though I hardly ever do any personal projects besides on the job. Except for this one.....and I hate it lol Have you ever worked on a personal project for so long that you stared to dislike it and just need to push yourself to put the energy and time in to finish it? Well I'm there ha ha. I long ago accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be as awesome and realistic as I wanted it to be, but then again, this was only my second character I ever made, and probably the last since doing these kind of characters isn't really my t
  11. May it be an awesome year for everyone here! Promise I'll be around a bit more than last year ;) Render: Corona and C4D. Just a quickie, hence the noise :)
  12. Cool! Pretty small dino though ;)
  13. Same here haha. Been toying with a scene I'm making for weeks but learning Max and Inventor during work takes away all the energy to get back to private projects in my spare time. Hope I'll get to show something too in not too long. Still checking the Cafe almost everyday though, just lurking in the shadows for now lol.
  14. Oh how sweet is that! I was thinking on getting marmoset toolbag 3 for nice Realtime renders but I think I'll just do an upgrade to the new SP version. Thanks for the heads up Dan
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