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  1. May it be an awesome year for everyone here! Promise I'll be around a bit more than last year ;) Render: Corona and C4D. Just a quickie, hence the noise :)
  2. Cool! Pretty small dino though ;)
  3. Same here haha. Been toying with a scene I'm making for weeks but learning Max and Inventor during work takes away all the energy to get back to private projects in my spare time. Hope I'll get to show something too in not too long. Still checking the Cafe almost everyday though, just lurking in the shadows for now lol.
  4. Oh how sweet is that! I was thinking on getting marmoset toolbag 3 for nice Realtime renders but I think I'll just do an upgrade to the new SP version. Thanks for the heads up Dan
  5. Superb work! Not familiar with "ready player one" though but I love your style.
  6. Wow, seems like it's been months since I've posted an update on this project. Have been so busy with work since the start of this year that I hardly have time or energy to work when I get home. Still a work in progress since I've got to do the hair (damn the hairs :P) and give him an outfit, at least for the torso. The eyes took ages tweaking. Probably lots of room for improvement but It's good enough for me for this project. Hope you like it everyone! Oh and It's been made with Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance Painter and the render straight out of Marmoset Toolbag :)
  7. There are literally dozens of uv map tutorials on youtube. Even if they're not for c4d , the principles for all the other programs are the same. C4d does a perfect job with uv's. Never had any problems with export to SP, you just have to put some time in it.
  8. Looks indeed like a uv map issue. If the shape is too difficult, split it up in different uv parts. Could you show how the uv's look inside c4d? Does the issue occur if you set the mapping inside SP on triplanar mapping?
  9. Such a nice bunch of renders guys, really high quality. Keep 'em coming!
  10. Woa great, cant even imagine how you create sometuing like this.
  11. Right haha those are too! But it's usually a complete wreck what we used to call a bierfiets because of all the crashes after a long night in the pub ^^
  12. Pretty nice, is this the raw render or did you do any photoshop work on it?

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