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  1. Wow ! you truly are a Samurai ! i will look into this and study your file. Thank you very much !
  2. Thanks so far. I have not posted in a long time .. so i forgot about all the Rules .... Apologies for that ! i will try the dynamics approach first. The logs will be rendered very abstract in the end ... black and white probably ... top view ... it is more about the movement than the look ... I have a friend who is quite good with Houdini ... maybe i consult him .. very complex dynamic simulations seem to be a weak point of cinema ... still ... anyhow ! Thank you very much for your reples.
  3. Dear People, I am currently doing R+D for a Projection that will be used as part of an independent Opera piece. We need Logs that float on the surface of Water. The setup should be easy to control and allow us to play with different directions and movements for the flow of the Logs. Sometimes it will be almost static and sometimes we need the appearance of a River that carries the Logs quite quickly. i attached an Image that shows the desired complexity. Currently i am not sure which direction to take. X-particles, Mograph, Dynamics ?? .. so if someone can point me in a direction or share some ideas i would be very grateful. Looking forward to some feedback. ciao Marcel

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