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  1. Seems this is untrue. You have just spoken to TMSMedia and told them you do not have any offers for existing MSA that does not require surrendering perpetual licensing. I will wait until September and look at this again when R22 is announced purely because I have used Cinema 4D for more than 10 years and do not relish the thought of learning another 3D application. TMSMedia have been brilliant and I sincerely hope that in the future they will offer more than just MAXON related products.
  2. Thank you Dave. I look forward to their response.
  3. This is how I understand the math of the 40% deal in exchange for the surrender of your perpetual license. A perpetual license is currently 418,000 yen, this is a surcharge of 325600 yen over the annual subscription. The offer represents a saving of 73,920 yen – 37,800 yen for 6 months remaining MSA (already paid) is a final saving of 36,120 just over 10% of the surcharge for a perpetual license. If you went to the bank and deposited 1,000,000 yen only to discover that when you wanted to withdraw your money they would only return 100,000 yen, you would be as angry as I am tod
  4. Analogies aside, what is not transparent is the fact that nowhere on MAXON's site or partner resellers sites is any indication that there are other offers where users can move on from MSA and still retain their perpetual licenses. This is why there is so much outrage. Users who accept this discount and give up their perpetual licenses are being deceived by MAXON because this information is withheld, reluctantly given only to users who call foul and complain. You have a mountain of work to restore the trust you have so willfully betrayed. For those reading this who might not want any conf
  5. It is a complex matrix of your own making, deliberate. Really it can be simple and transparent and by that I mean reputable. BMW also wont sell you a car then later tell you that you cannot sell it to a 3rd party, or that you can no longer get it repaired, that after a year you have to buy the car again or return it.
  6. Thank you Dave It is nice to know there are other offers, it might be an idea to explain this to local resellers too or even publish this where users can find it. TMSMedia in Tokyo see subscription as an advantageous alternative to purchasing a new license outright with no grasp of the material loss that it represents. Try asking to the cost of upgrading R21 to R22 in the future and the question is met with bewilderment. After a great deal of discussion I'm left with "MAXON do not disclose future upgrade costs. The problem is that by obfuscating the cost of maintaining a perpetual license
  7. Dave, the offer does not reflect the value of the perpetual license we are expected to give up. Sorry but this is a shocking way to treat customers. I paid 160,000 yen to go from R19 to R21. The transition broke all the plugins I use, almost all of which incured further costs to update. 5 months on I am still waiting for plugins to be fixed. On top of this R21 is so thin on updates it would disappoint even if MSA was still available, even if you had been a little more upfront about the costs of upgrading perpetual licenses and had not shoved subscription so far up our ******* arses. Dread
  8. Fusion 360 is good if you use a sketch based approach to modelling. If you modify the sketch the model will update. I like this way of modelling (parametric/history based). It is not as robust as Inventor or Solidworks and similar CAD programs that require a company sized budget, but is as close as you will find with a freelance sized budget. FormZ, MOI, Rhino and similar CAD are Direct CAD (to me almost CAD as their approach is closer to 3D applications not having a parametric/history based workflow). These tend to fit freelance budgets too. You haven't mentioned producing your designs,
  9. CAD is a complex world. There are lots of different types of CAD application to handle everything from infrastructure to fidget spinners. Normally it is better to start with what you want to do, rather than what software you might need. However everytime I have asked this question I never manage to get the answer. I think much harder to choose what to do than it is to choose what software. Anyway C4D works really well with CAD files. Note that Keyshot has a plugin connection with Cinema 4D too, as well as all the main CAD applications and ZBrush. If you rec
  10. Thank you. I only have one PC so am not in a position to test that. I use quite a few plugins and R21 broke every one of them. Still trying to get XFrog and HDR Lightstudio updated and it is more than 4 months already. Sigh, I still don't quite understand why the discount for MSA users requires perpetual entitlement to be surrendered. Seems underhand, worse than the way Adobe and Autodesk managed the transition.
  11. Since September I have been repeatedly receiving emails from MAXON and TMSMedia trying to persuade me to give up my perpetual license in exchange for a discount on a 2 year subscription. I feel a bit stupid as the math just does not add up. Am I missing something important? I'm not trying to start a problem thread, my local reseller is Japanese and language is a barrier as my Japanese is very limited, as is their English. I have been using Cinema 4D for more than 10 years but the advantage of subscription is very hard to see.
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