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  1. Special announcement from MAXON at NAB tomorrow morning. Leaves speculation as to if this is related to Insydium and their 50% off everything deal?
  2. I would hope that MAXON knows what features its users want at this point. There's been countless discussions for years now on various message boards, before and after every new release.
  3. I don't think the industry is in any kind of decline. It's shifting and will always be shifting. Sounds like your general area isn't showing any kind of force to keep work coming in, which is always a factor for smaller communities. If you need to relocate, you don't need to live in LA or NY to do mograph. Theres Detroit, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, SF. Lots of different choices. LA is expensive, but I don't know any freelance mograph artists struggling to survive. Most are driving pretty nice cars, so there is definitely money to be made. Don't call yourself a multimedia generalist. Sounds desperate. Hold true to what you are. Go buy the School of Motion Freelance Manifesto book. I think you'll find the inspiration in that to keep you going.
  4. I don't think XP or TFD has anything on lockdown. Maybe the solo C4D freelance market will rely on these plugins. But if C4D wants to be taken seriously in production houses (which it has the capabilities to do so), I can tell you with certainty that while there might be a couple of licenses of XP floating around for farting around on, but anytime serious effects/particles work needs to be done, the first person producers turn to are Maya artists.
  5. smibrand

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I had the exact same conclusion recently as well. In fact, learning Houdini has increased my XP game quite a bit. I do get a little frustrated by the speed of things in C4D, but hopefully R20 remedies that to some extent. I don't have TfD, so smoke/fire in XP is still a bit slow/limited, but the potential is there.
  6. Just to clarify - if I were to use octane or redshift as my rendering solutions - I wouldn't be able to really benefit from the OpenGL viewport correct? I would have to use native C4D materials? If so, would it be possible for the 3d party developers to get their materials to work with the openGL viewport down the road?
  7. well color me surprised. Was expecting the worse for this release. Was already eyeing maya and blender. But if anything this release does show, assuming R20 brings the mother load, the potential of c4ds future. LOD bar and weight painting (the one thing other than UV unwrapping that I struggle with the most) are two things that make me smile.
  8. Interesting that they felt the need to make a blog post about this. Perhaps they are starting to see many MSAs not being renewed this year? Or maybe getting a lot of questions about what happens if they don't renew for this release. Word has probably gotten around that you're better off waiting until R20. Not gonna lie though - A half finished prorender, and openGL bodypaint, or even a new sound effector are not selling points for me.
  9. I was referring to the one in Friedrichsdorf. I'm sure the others is nice as well.
  10. I just had to google where MAXON headquarters is. Judging by the images it looks like a quaint little town to settle down and live the quiet life....and chill at a rustic coffee shop.
  11. I doubt MAXON is going to change their ways to shut up the same 8 people that are bitching on this forum. I know for a fact most C4D users have no idea this divide is even happening, as most don't read C4D forums. If Greyscale Gorrilla started posting Houdini tutorials and bitching about upgrades, then maybe MAXON might start breaking a sweat.
  12. I initially wasn't that excited to hear about a GPU rendering solution likely to be the big feature in R19. On my home computer, I already have Octane, and will likely go for redshift when it's released. So the need for another option didn't seem appealing. Until I realized what this actually might mean for me as a freelancer, who generally has to work in studio, on someone THEIR computers. Often I'm put on a computer with no plugins or external renderers, forcing me to use base resources like physical renderer. With the new GPU option, I realized, this could totally change everything for me when I go in-house. The speed increase will be a life saver. So I'm definitely excited by that, but I see where most people who freelance from home might not see a huge benefit if they already have other options available to them. More than anything though I would like to see UV workflow overhauled so I can put 3d coat aside, eliminating at least one more software I need to keep up with.
  13. Right now the hardest things I find for c4d to do are UV related stuff and rigging/character animation related stuff. If they can improve those workflows, I'm happy to stick to 3d party renderers and substance painter.
  14. This is awesome! Love to see it working with more complicated models like characters. But either way, impressive!!



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