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  1. One more thing that is not so clear to me: Do I need SLI or NVLink for using dual GPUs for Redshift or Octane? TYVM! EDIT: My potential config: https://www.alternate.de/html/configurator/builder/loadSharedConfiguration.html?kind=pcBuilder&id=484f44a515fd718a545c47de3c93b158
  2. Thank you very much for the link and the tips!
  3. Thx guys for all the insight. I went to a local it-solutions-provider with my desired specs (because we need quick support and replacements when working on urgent projects). Those guys just told me that a Ryzen could not handle two 2070s to their full potential because it provides only 16 PCIe-lanes and this is the amount already a single 2070 would need. So he told me to switch to a Threadripper or reduce the config to just one graphics card. Do you guys now about that stuff? What do you think? Thx! kws
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply! will consider all that.
  5. Hey there, sitting in Germany on a budget of around 2500€ I have to decide components for a new C4D-Redshift-machine. I was thinking about: AMD Ryzen 7 3700 or 3800 MSI 570 Mainboard 64 to 128 GB DDR4 3000 Powersupply around 750W And either 2x 2070 Super or 1x 2080Ti so what do you thing about the config in general and the two possibilites for the graphics card(s) in particular? Thank you very much! kws
  6. Well, you can in e.g. Octane. Thx for your reply!
  7. Hey guys, would you possibly know why this image: takes more than 6 minutes to render? I attached the .c4d Is there any possibility to optimize the rendertime? cheers, kws Also: is there any way to have the material to be set to "camera projection" while having the world map still on "spherical mapping"? Thx! dotTest.c4d
  8. Hey, do you have any idea how to fill a VERTEX COLOR tag with the color values of an applied color shader at the corresponding uv coordinates of the vetices? TYVM!
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