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  1. So I've received a response from MAXON and they suggested to remove "preferences" folder for Client and Server. It helped and now everything works fine. Leaving this post here in case somebody was looking for the solution :)
  2. Further examinations and expertise of my friend (computer network specialist) showed that there's a problem with sending images. Clients receive the job, start rendering, render frames, but only write them on hard-drive. They don't send them to server / workstation. And it turned out - 1 of 11 nodes works just fine. The only one shares the results with the server. However - nothing's different than other ten...
  3. Hello! I've been struggling for two days now and I'm kind of desperate. Recently I've moved my renderfarm to new workshop, where I have a different main PC (workstation). I've plugged all my nodes (11) to network and then it started. At first I saw all icons with red squares. But fixed that quickly - it was Windows Firewall. Added exceptions and it worked. Now all nodes are green and turn orange. Nice! :) However, I can see all of the nodes rendering, the logs suggest they do, but only one delivers the frames to the workstation. I haven't changed the settings on client, it's certainly the same version of C4D R20, even brought my router that it worked on, but no luck. I have no idea what's going on and it's insanely disturbing. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!



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