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  1. Fracturing cube into smaller cubes

    Those tips were extremely helpful, just what I needed to put me on the right path. I have managed to do it through the Voronoi fracture in R18 and with a tutorial on Cineversity on using the Matrix effector within Voronoi Fracture - it seems to have worked. Many Thanks
  2. Hello, C4d newbie Im afraid.. I want to take a cube and fracture it, but into hundreds of little 3d cubes. Any ideas how to do this? Im actually going to take the fractured object in to Element 3d to do the explode animation there, but I cant find out how to do the uniform cube fracturing. Looking into Voronoi Fracture but never used it before. I have R16 Studio, but am downloading the R18 demo (with voronoi fracture plugin) to try and achieve this model. It doesn't seem like it should be too hard, any clues? Many thanks in adv! eugeman