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  1. Just incase this helps to explain the above
  2. Hi, some progress but .. I duplicated the dots with their wrap deformer, hid the original. Made dots object child of fracture object .Exploded Segments and connect. Selected Fracture object and added random effector. I have tried tweaking the uniform scale value of the random effector, but its not having the right effect. when I move the uniform scale it scales the length of the extrude whereas I only want to scale the diameter of each dot if that makes sense? If I unlink the uniform scale then I have both x and y to deal with and it looks wrong. Any ideas? Many thanks again, E ps I was going to upload the c4d file to make it easier to explain, but its too big (11mb), is there a way round that?
  3. Thanks so much, for replying to my 3d earth question, really appreciated. I'm pleased as I wasn't on completely wrong path with my method using wrap deformer. I'm going to to try the suggested steps today. E
  4. Hi, New to Cinema 4d.. (apologies I posetd this in the After Effects section of the Forum but I think it belongs here) Trying to create a 3d earth with pulsating dots of light on it (pulsating the scale of each dot) I initially did this all in Afx just using spherize (see attached gif), but I want to be able to zoom very close in to the horizon of the earth to reveal a new scene so trying it in C4D, then import C4D file into Element. Overall I want this to have a flat color 'vector' look. Steps so far: 1. Import map and Dots as separate illustrator files into C4D. 2. Extrude map and dots 3. Use wrap deformer to spherize map and dots 4. create second sphere and centre (to form the sea) Problems,: 1. Don't want he dots to be extruded, want them to sit flush with surface of the earth 2. Don't know how to make the dots as separate objects that can pulse? Thoughts: Should I try to place a null at every dot in C4d and use that position data to map my dots around the earth. (But then they are not in the same 3d space? Should I do the pulsing animation of the dots in c4d? How do I do that! Too many questions I know! Hopefully the attached images help to explain the shape of the problem. even if you can suggest any good resources to learn about how to do this, I have looked but its like needle/haystack.. Many thanks in adv...!
  5. Hi , I want a camera to animate along a curvy white path. So we have the point of view of someone travelling down the road. I have created a curved path spline and flattened rectangle with a sweep nurb to create the 'road'. I have created a null, added align to spline tag, and switched on tangental. I have animated the position of the align to spline from 0 - 100% to make the null animate down the path. I have made a camera and parented it to the animating null. Zeroed out the camera cordinates, to match the null. I have raised the cameras position and rotation so it looks down on the road. But the animation just doesn't work, the camera swings around wildy. And Im really struggling with the position of it. I want it to be much smoother as if we are driving down the road. The project is very simple (in R18 Studio) so have attached. This is pretty basic stuff but I think important to learn! Any thoughts on method or tips greatly appreciated.. Cheers Path.c4d
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