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  1. Hi , I want a camera to animate along a curvy white path. So we have the point of view of someone travelling down the road. I have created a curved path spline and flattened rectangle with a sweep nurb to create the 'road'. I have created a null, added align to spline tag, and switched on tangental. I have animated the position of the align to spline from 0 - 100% to make the null animate down the path. I have made a camera and parented it to the animating null. Zeroed out the camera cordinates, to match the null. I have raised the cameras position and rotation so it looks down on the road. But the animation just doesn't work, the camera swings around wildy. And Im really struggling with the position of it. I want it to be much smoother as if we are driving down the road. The project is very simple (in R18 Studio) so have attached. This is pretty basic stuff but I think important to learn! Any thoughts on method or tips greatly appreciated.. Cheers Path.c4d

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