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  1. Hi , I want a camera to animate along a curvy white path. So we have the point of view of someone travelling down the road. I have created a curved path spline and flattened rectangle with a sweep nurb to create the 'road'. I have created a null, added align to spline tag, and switched on tangental. I have animated the position of the align to spline from 0 - 100% to make the null animate down the path. I have made a camera and parented it to the animating null. Zeroed out the camera cordinates, to match the null. I have raised the cameras position and rotation so it looks down on the road. But the animation just doesn't work, the camera swings around wildy. And Im really struggling with the position of it. I want it to be much smoother as if we are driving down the road. The project is very simple (in R18 Studio) so have attached. This is pretty basic stuff but I think important to learn! Any thoughts on method or tips greatly appreciated.. Cheers Path.c4d
  2. Looking at all those polygons in the .igs I'm going to attempt to remodel. I think the trickiest part of the modelling for me will be creating a smooth join between the spokes and the two parts. As each spoke seems to flare out at its ends. Will give it a go, may post for advice down the road, thanks again.
  3. that was extremely useful, I had a hunch the model looked a bit of a mess when I imported it. I'm learning modelling currently - so will set about sculpting the trophy myself. Good to know that Chrome is fast to render as a material. Looking at the model its the twisted spokes that connect the upper and lower parts of the model that look to be the toughest to re create - any initial thoughts on a good approach to this? I Thanks for your help CBR.
  4. Hello, I am creating a 20s opening animation for a conference. I need to create some close up 'hero' moves on a company trophy. It's meant to be chrome metal, reflecting purple and red colours in the surface, with a black background. I am very new to cinema 4d. But thought this was a good starter project, and there is a deadline! 4 weeks time. I have been supplied with a .igs file (Im guessing from some CAD program) - attached to this message. It does import in C4d, but I'm not sure if I should use this file or remodel the rocket from scratch myself, bearing in mind I have to texture it with a reflective chrome material. Will using this imported model slow down my render times? Also, a quick hardware question. I'm working on a mid 2012 retina mac with C4d R16. I am concerned I am going to run into crazy render times - any advice on this? Many thanks in adv! trophy_-_revised_spokes_03_01.11.IGS



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