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  1. Thanks ABMotion. That's helpful. Also updated my profile. Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm using the inheritance effector to morph a spline of the USA into the the shape of California. I've got a voronoi fracture object on this shape to distribute points. But as the shape morphs, the fractures "jump" -- it's a very jerky transition. Is there any way to smooth this out? Not sure how well I've described the setup, but I've included my scene file as well as a screencap: MORPH_CAP.MP4 MORPH_01.c4d You can see the discs disappearing and reappearing. I'm hoping there's a way to keep the same number of discs throughout the morph, and that they don't disappear and reappear. Thank you for any advice or any pointers to resources you might think of. Tom
  3. Thanks Abyss. Very helpful! Can I ask for a little more detail about the setup? E.g., would I put multiple helix splines as children of the same spline effector? What would be the destination object in the inheritance effector? Whatever container I want the fractures to flow into? Or more helix splines? Thanks again for explaining so much already.
  4. Thanks roybotics. Will look into it. teknow -- after fracturing a cube, how would I move the fractures to the right 500cm in a spiraling, helix pattern? The cube should be disintegrating from the top to the bottom. The fractures should take up some volume--not traveling along splines, but rather swirling in a wind tunnel. The tunnel could be straight to start, but I'd like the ability to bend it on an arc or an 'S' shape. Then, the fractures should split into multiple (e.g. 2-5) separate streams, still spiraling, like a cable unraveling kind of, but it doesn't have to look like a cable. Ideally the destination of the fractures would be another object that the fractures morph into, like a sphere. But even if I could just get them to a general destination, like a point or a container, that would be great. Let me know if I need to get more specific, thanks.
  5. Once I fracture an object (with Voronoi Fracture, or even just a bunch of cloner objects), how do I precisely control how the fractures/clones move? For example if I wanted them to flow like a liquid, clump into another mass, swirl in a helix, etc.? I have been trying the Push Apart, Spline, and Random Effectors, lbut not getting the control I need for my client. The overall needs of the project involve "metamorphosis"--imagine an oil or clay substance that's constantly forming into one thing, breaking apart, and reforming into another. Thanks, Tom