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  1. Hi Deck/Maliohammad Unfortunately, I can't supply the file as it uses a couple of plugins including GSG but after playing around last night (including unsuccessfully with the render settings suggested) it seems to be related to the HDRI image or how it's lighting the scene. When I insert real lights to light the jar the reflections on the pills show up. But when the hdri image is the only light source as soon as the glass jar is added (around the pills) the reflections go dull. Any ideas why the hdri lighting isn't going through the jar? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm having a bit of an issue... I'm putting some really shiny capsules inside a glass jar. But the problem happens when I come to render the complete model. When I have the glass jar turned off the capsules look perfect but when I turn the glass jar on everything goes dull and the reflections on the capsules disappear. I'm using the Physical renderer in R18 btw. Any ideas?
  3. I had a play with the UV Peeler (I now have R18 but forgot to update my profile specs) but the same thing sort of happened (not to the same degree though) but in the end, I purchased an app called Unfold3D and I'm now forever leaving Cinema4D's UV unwrapping tools... there is a great tutorial on Youtube showing how simple it is to use: I'd highly recommend it for and its pretty reasonably priced too for all the time it saves.
  4. I found out that if you use POINTS in Illustrator eg 10mm would become 10 points than when you import the illustrator .ai (version 8) then the splines come in at the correct scale... the only thing they don't do is come in at the correct x, y coordinates but that's an easy fix in Cinema.
  5. Hi everyone... I have a little problem and I can't seem to find the answer and I'm hoping you guys can help? I'm trying to unwrap a bottle I'm modelling but the UV grid is distorting (magenta area). Is there an easy way to get rid of that distortion or can somebody point me in the right direction of a video or tutorial they may have seen
  6. Hi everyone. This has been an issue for me for the last few years but its not something that has ever really bothered me until today. I need to import some CAD files at 100% scale. I've got them out of Rhino into Illustrator with no problems and the scale remains 1:1. The problem starts when I import from Illustrator into Cinema. To find a solution I'll make things really simple in the hope others can try and recreate my issue? I made a square in Illustrator at 1cm square and saved it out as an ai. (back saved to v8). I either 'merge' or open it in Cinema, it asked me for a scale so I told it 1cm. Then this is where it get trip... the spline comes in at some ridiculous size. It also offsets it from to the centre point. Has anyone come across this before and do you know of a solution? Here are some things I've tried that have NOT worked: Tried using a different scale e.g. 1cm to 10mm on import = Didn't work Tried setting the 0 axis point in Illustrator to the top left corner = Didn't work Tried setting the document size in Illustrator to the same size of the spline = Didn't work Tried using stone age Inches = Didn't work Tried different versions of Cinema (R15, R17 & R18) = Didn't work So, before I completely loose my mind can somebody please help me regain my sanity please? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.



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