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  1. You mentioned you can view in the Windows 10 3D object viewer, but what viewer does a mac user use? Thanks I really appreciate this info, my new job is asking about this feature... Dave
  2. Will exporting out of C4D as a obj save with the textures?
  3. Is there a way for C4D to export/render out interactive models, so my salesmen can show their clients a model they can rotate around to check all sides? Heres a link to an example on Sketchfab... https://skfb.ly/6MtvP Thanks Dave
  4. So far I found 2 folders to move, MAXON folder in Applications folder and MAXON folder in the users/library folder... Is there any other files I need to copy over to my new Mac using R20 Thanks Dave
  5. No boole, just a simple extruded compound spline But turning off reflective in the material editor fixed it...
  6. first screenshot is a preview, second shot is a rendering I'm trying to render a front camera projection, but then my texture renders with artifacts, I have no problem rendering in perspective... Any advice would be great
  7. Rats! ok thanks for the reply... :)
  8. Is there a way to transfer plug-ins, custom interface tools and content browser materials over to a newer version, or do I have to manually re-install everything... Thanks guys...
  9. Thanks for your time on the breakdown, see if I can pull this off...
  10. I'm having trouble adding a radius to the corner of the 1/4" circle object, the white object is a simple primitive tube sliced down, made it editable but ran into problems using the bevel tool to radius the edges the grey object is the shape I want, but dont know how to bend it to a semi-circle thanks Dave
  11. Well figured it out, when applying decals to any object, you must apply a basic color material to the object first...
  12. Weird, only looks right in regular gouraud shade mode, but when I render its reverses itself out...
  13. Ok, cool thanks Cerbera, got the alpha to work, but now its reversed...thanks
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