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    C4D will be the 4th program in 20 yrs I’ll be learning , got a long way to go
  1. ddauray

    Alpha Decal Help

    Well figured it out, when applying decals to any object, you must apply a basic color material to the object first...
  2. ddauray

    Alpha Decal Help

    Weird, only looks right in regular gouraud shade mode, but when I render its reverses itself out...
  3. ddauray

    Alpha Decal Help

  4. ddauray

    Alpha Decal Help

    Ok, cool thanks Cerbera, got the alpha to work, but now its reversed...thanks
  5. ddauray

    Alpha Decal Help

    I having problems with the alpha part of my decals, my file is a 1 layer photoshop file, I make sure the source file is from the tex folder created by C4D, I used to do decals fine but out of know where applying decals dont work any more...thanks
  6. ddauray

    Meshing my whole Model

    Thanks for the tip CBR Once I get all the model work in poly mode, delete all the tags, I export it as an obj. format, then open it in a program called ViaCAD exporting it as a DWG file, which my CAD monkeys can read... YES!
  7. I have a model I like to make useable for my autocad guys, so when I export as a 3DS, they can see all the parts. If I have any deformers going on the pieces wont translate over, there will just be missing parts so is there a way to select all and turn everything to poly's or mesh objects? thanks
  8. ddauray

    C4D to AutoCad

    Hey out there, I'm trying to export to autocad, what are tried and true formats I can export as, and is there something I need to do to the model before exporting, Thanks Davey-D
  9. ddauray

    Saving project settings

    Ahhh... of course, thanks much for the quick reply
  10. How do I save my project settings, I'm setting project scale to .01 and inches wont seem to stick even after I save startup layout or a layout file thanks Dave
  11. ddauray

    Help with my clear clamshell

    I rebuilt my shell from a cube, kept it simple and added a composite tag, which I stumbled on and unchecked the AO thanks for the direction Dudes!
  12. I created a clear lid using the Boole way, when I do it the orange insert appears dark behind the clear lid, its driving me crazy, i included the C4D file, Thanks anyone Dave... Clam shell_copy.c4d
  13. ddauray

    Adding thickness

    Sweet, Thanks for your help, I’ll be practicing this
  14. ddauray

    Adding thickness

    I have a simple box I need to add thickness too, its going to be a acrylic case for a display i tried extruding but my polys go haywire I added an example screen shot and my file thansk Dave acrylic box.c4d