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  1. Cool, thanks for the reply. I look forward to further tutorials on the node system, I can’t seem to figure out how to do procedural selections with my current knowledge level. I guess when more prebuilt nodes become available this will also improve the speed and intuitiveness of the system. I like the UI and design much better than Houdini, but right now I miss a lot of the prebuilt nodes from Houdini.
  2. Is it possible to make procedural selections. In your tutorial you make ‘hardcoded’ selections of specific points/polygons but this is not effective if the base mesh topology changes. I would like to make a field or some kind of bounding box which could make the selections.
  3. I often clone splines to create certain repetitive shapes, but the result always creates splines with different segments even when I also use the "Connect Object". Is it possible to clone spines and then have them be truly joined/connected as one spline with on segment in order to create a smooth result.
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