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  1. Hi Ritchie. These days I use a program called Syntheyes. I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a tutorial on it: Hope this helps.
  2. Hi There. Are you still selling this by any chance?
  3. Hi there. I know this is an old post, but do you still have this license for sale by any chance? I'm looking for something affordable to learn with Thanks
  4. Hi Pieter Is the C4D Visualize License still for sale separately? I might be interested. Kind regards
  5. Hi There. Can anyone tell me if there is still a plugin available for C4D that can calibrate a camera from a series of known / surveyed points, instead of perspective lines? I'm trying to composite landscape architectural scenes into photographs, and I find the C4D camera calibration tag quite unreliable even when the photograph has an identifiable x y and z axis. And in photos that don't contain right-angle geometry it is no use at all. 3DS Max uses a system where you can attach 'Campoints' to 3D loci in a modeled scene, and then locate those points on a photograph to calibrate the camera. I've tested it using a trial version of 3DS and it works very well. You can see it demonstrated in this tutorial. Back in 2012 before the camera calibration tag was added to C4D there was a plugin available from an outfit called Pano4d which could do the same thing. It's shown this video from about the 2:25 mark onwards. Sadly the plugin seems to no longer be available and the Pano4d website is down. If anyone knows whether this can still be done with C4D, or an available plugin, I'd love to hear from them! I'd also be most interested to hear about any other methods people are using to accurately match 3D scenes to photos. Cheers! Jeremy



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