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  1. thats just connecting the x-size to the y&z-Size - i always do this to speed up the scaling workflow
  2. this is my object-manager setup. does anybody now where the problem could be ?
  3. I'm having this strange behaviour that it only offsets the control splines but not the rigged character itself - am i missing a button or something ?
  4. Hey guys, I'm having this strange problem. I have an animated rigged butterfly and i want to make a flock out of it with various butterflys. When I clone them or make particles out of them it doesn't offset the animation of the wings. So all of them animate the same - but i want them to offset. i tried baking the animation with point cache, but i doesn't work. Anybody got an idea how to achieve this ? greetings A
  5. Hey Guys, i just had to change the aspect ratio from one of my projects from 16:9 to 9:16. but now it looks like the focal length of the camera has changed / it looks different. Does anybody know if the project ratio is affecting the camera ? greetings
  6. is there a way to do this non-destructive an interaktiv along a spline ?
  7. hey thx ! is there any tutorial how to use this and the Character Builder?
  8. Hello Everybody, I'm trying to create a modular / generative race track in C4D like these https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/5b/04/db/5b04db2fc368fb3610e85fd49710b847.jpg https://s3.envato.com/files/131156737/jpg/Road Tile.jpg I thought about making it with MoGraph an 3 Tile - direkt road - turn left - turn right an then generate multiple clones on a direkt line. But i have to find a way, that mograph rotates after a left/right turn tile - but I don't know how to do this. Anyone got an Idea how to achieve this ? i know there are many other ways, but I have to test the tiles for a Game. greetings
  9. foxy

    Parallel Camera + Hair

    @ABMotionGreat ! Thx that works with the small rotation of the camera. Is there a way to report this bug to MAXON ? I'm new to this whole community thing - reporting bugs etc. @Cerbera I will update my profile
  10. foxy

    Parallel Camera + Hair

    hmm, i tried but it only renders at physical. I attached the scene file and c4d is version R19.024 Any ideas what i got wrong ? hair_standart_GI.c4d
  11. foxy

    Parallel Camera + Hair

    Thanks, I think I found the mistake. Looks like Hair + Parallel Camera + GI + Standart Renderer doesn't render the Hair. It rendered after i turned GI off and it does render with GI + Physical Renderer. Don't know why, but with Physical Renderer it works now
  12. Hi Guys, I googled through the Internet but can't find a solution for this problem. C4D doesn't let me render hair when i have an isometric or parallel camera. Does anybody know why ? greetings

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