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  1. @RBarrett Thank you! I was going crazy looking for that
  2. Is there a new way to update the R21 Team Render Clients? There used to be a "check for updates" option under the Help tab? Now its nowhere to be found? Did they put it somewhere else?
  3. hmmm, I think I have what you are suggesting in the file below but it doesn't seem to be working. The new cloners clones do get effected but the point is have them effected and still be dynamic. Maybe that wasn't clear on my end. If it's not right can you modify it to what your are talking about? Thanks for looking into this! DynamicMographTest_0001.c4d
  4. So basically what im after by making the capsules effected by an effector and dynamic can't be done then? Just seems like something that should be doable! The mograph color even changes when it drops below the falloff, so the effector is reading that the clones have fallen below it:/
  5. I have a cloner that has a simple plain effector modifying their position based on a falloff. But when I make it dynamic the cloner no longer updates. Is it right that when you turn a cloner dynamic you can't modify it with effectors anymore? I didn't think this was the case but I can't seem to get it to work. It does seem update the color though which is odd. I attached a scene that illustrates the issue. If you pull the cloner out of the null(on frame zero) and hit play you will see what the mograph is supposed to do, but I cant seem to get it to do that and still be dynamic
  6. I have the interactive flippers covered here: http://ajhaines.com/-/c4d-xpresso-tutorial-pinball-flippers/
  7. -Multithreaded! If you do nothing else all year at least do this and I will upgrade!!!! C4D is painfully slow. -Atom Array has an edge/point selection input. -Set Polygon Position in Xpresso. -Better integration with Vertex maps across C4D. They are so powerful! -Ability to add attributes to points and polys similar to houdini. Color, custom attributes, etc. Also very powerful. -Option for bend deformer to bend equally in both directions(+Y and -Y). Or at least an easy “Flip” button.
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