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  1. @bezo Hi ! No it's not working either :( I tried to put the texture on the connect objet also voronoi and object itself but nothing worked... The texture is a video made of images sequence, I guess that's why there's no way to make it work ?
  2. Hello Cerbera ! I saw another message from you on another post in c4d café, I already tried the stick texture tag and it didn't work :'( I wanted to bake the animation and make editable objects from the voronoi fracture to apply the texture to each fragment but I can't find a way to do it either :( thx for your help !
  3. Hey everyone ! I need your help for a Voronoi fracture texture projection. I'm on R19. I applied a voronoi fracture on a 3D face model + some effectors (random + step) to make the fragments move and animate evrything a bit. I want to use a texture projection of the face of a real person (it's a video where I also tracked the face mouvement...) but when the fragments move, the texture stays in frontal and doesn't follow the fragments. Do you know how the texture could stick to the outside faces ? I saw maybe if I can bake this animation but couldn't find a way to do it either. Thanks so much for your help !
  4. Hi everyone ! I don't really know if I should ask my question in this section... sorry for that ^^ I'm struggling with some face tracking I'm supposed to be used to... I do a lot of them, they are not perfect but it's enough for what I wanna do with them. I've spent two days on face tracking a video but it still does not work... What I usually do is track the points, add them to an object tracker, click reconstruction, add a 3D face in the object tracking (with vector constraints and stuff) and then adjust the position of the 3D face so it follows the tracking points and the face of the video. The motion tracker works very well on this new project, but then when I add the tracking points to the object tracker, after reconstruction, some tracking points are missing (often the nose and the chin) and when I add the 3D face as the object it's impossible to get a good result. It's like cinema 4D does not understand the distance and the perspective between the points anymore... Is it the position of my tracking points ? Is it because the person is talking ? (I've already worked on two people talking with the same kind of tracking points placements, and it worked !!!!) Attached is my file, if someone can have a look at it and help, i'm desperate (T_T) Thank you SO MUCH for your precious help in advance. Ines face_track.zip
  5. Oh I get it ! Thanks for your help @cerbera and sorry for the beginner question... (^_^')
  6. Ok i'm feeling stupid again but... @aelhofy which method did u use to reduce the segments ? (°_°)
  7. I've just opened your file and yeah thank u so much @aelhofy it worked ! As simple as that, I feel stupid (-_-)
  8. Hi everyone ! I'm (again) struggling with dynamics and this time clothes. I have a face that is moving from left to right, and I want to attach to the face some pieces of fabric. I want this "fabric" to move slightly and delicately following the moves of the face. I modeled something I think quite simple for the fabric, which has a cloth tag, and a belt tag to attach it to the face. The face has a cloth collider tag. When the face hasn't got this tag it works pretty well, but the fabric gets inside the face... When I add the cloth collider tag to the face, the fabric explodes (°_°) I messed around a little with the project settings, scale, collision margin... But I couldn't find where the problem comes from :( I attach the file so u can have a look at it. Thanks SO MUCH in advance for your help <3 CHARLOTTE02_-_Copie.c4d
  9. Thanks sooooo much guys \(^-^)/
  10. @Cerbera Sorry forgot to mention the version indeed ! It's R18. @ABMotion Thank u so much for your answer ! It works !! It's super slow but it works lol I knew there was something with the margin but couldn't find the right number... Hope the sofware won't crash if I add more balls ^^
  11. Hello everyone ! I'm struggling with little balls that are attracted by a mask. The mask is a rigid body. The balls are soft bodies with the same properties. And I added a force dynamic so the balls are attracted and stick to the mask. The problem I'm having is that the balls won't collide with themselves. They collide with the mask's surface only. As it's supposed to be human head's scale, I scaled the project to 100 to get better dynamics... Maybe I shouldn't do that... Attached my project. If you can help me with that, that would be a DREAM. Thanks a lot in advance. ines YELLE_makeup.c4d