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  1. Dan. I came across a problem. I wonder whether you have an idea what is happening? The second loop onwards in the motion clip plays backwards half-way and then forwards. This probably has to do with the fact I have two splines that make up the two halves of a complete sequence, but I can't work out why it goes wrong or how to fix it. Best way to see what i am doing is the file, if you have time to look at it please? Maybe what I am doing is not he best way, but it seemed like a logical way to get the effect I was after. The idea is that the table has to flip upside down and then the right way up repeatedly along what will be a path - when it is finished. TableJumper4.c4d
  2. Hi Dan. So good and so well-explained! Thank-you for taking the time to do this. I had a suspicion that motion clips might be useful, but I had no idea you could loop them like that and then animate them along a spline. It's everything I need. And the tips for dealing with the quirks of the technique are very useful. I destroyed the character walkcycle I started with, as some the legs were bending with a mind of their own. What I have been doing in the hours since I watched your video was make a new project trying to use align-to-spline tags to animate simple objects and then looping them with your technique. Now that i have finally worked out how to use userdata tags and xpresso to create align-to-spline animations that motion clips can use, I've got a nice animation technique worked out that i think I can use in many interesting ways. I will also re-address my old walk-cycle idea and make sure I can get that working cleanly too. Again, thanks so much for you help!
  3. Dan. Thanks for your reply. The tutorial does not use cmotion, it is a very simple timeline-keyframe cycle.
  4. I have made a simple walk cycle in the c4d timeline, following a greyscalegorilla tutorial. Now I want to find a way to take that 28 frame cycle and have the character follow a path. I can see that cmotion is a way to do this but I feel it is too advanced for me at the moment. I thought there might be a simple way to encapsulate my 28 frame loop into a single object that can follow a path over time in a new timeline. Any suggestions please? This is the tutorial I followed for the cycle. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/rigging-and-animating-a-simple-character-walk-cycle-in-cinema-4d/
  5. I just thought I'd share the first small test animation video, as it was finished today. Learnt so much doing this. Thank-you for your help. In the real world, this will loop continuously until the scene changes. House3D_i6_[0000-0090] 2.mp4
  6. Brilliant. Works perfectly. Again - thank-you.
  7. Thanks for your input. And I see you have fixed the example file. And yes - rail good idea to stop the flipping at the ends. I'll give it a go, too.
  8. This seems to be a problem with using a bezier spline. As I can get it working with an arc (a test made from scratch using noseman's method), but when applied with a bezier path, the second element's relationship to the main element is inconsistent. Another example made from scratch: Spline-wrap_TestWithBezier.c4d
  9. I have duplicated the objects, made a new spline path, copied the xpresso and relinked to the new spline wrap. But the object controlled through xpresso comes off the cube extrusion as they move along the spline path. It starts correctly at 0, the triangular prism immediately jumps off the cube and then over the course of the path the cube overtakes the triangular prism. I've checked all the settings are the same. Any idea why please? See file aligned prism_0001.c4d
  10. Works perfectly. And thanks for the xpresso-spline technique which I am sure I can use in other ways. See attach for quick render. Thank-you to both of you - bezo and noseman - for your expertise, time and help.
  11. Thank-you. I tried playing with clamp and the negative offset, but I do not think it will give me enough freedom of range for the animations I aim to develop, before it distorts again.
  12. >here is what I ment... Bezo. Thank-you, this is great and elegant, but there is one problem – the triangular prism distorts as I change the 'To' percentage value on the spline-wrap. I need it to be fixed shape on the top. Is there a way to get that?
  13. I am animating a cube extruding using a spline-wrap along an arc-spline. I want to add a triangular-prism cap to the top of the cube. Can I perhaps make the triangular cap follow the top surface of the cube using xpresso? I've done a few things with xpresso in the past, but cannot see a way to access the position and angle of a single face of the morphing cube. I'm not clear that this is the best way to do this but I'm exploring all avenues! Please see my screen grab to show what I want to achieve. It has thin red lines showing where I want the cap. Thank-you
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