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  1. How can I achieve effect of paper wrapping around a bottle? What is the best method for doing this? Can you do it with deformers and bit of modeling or...?
  2. How to achieve this effect

    Thank you, used that method, and little bit of modeling and sculpting to get this deformation effect.
  3. How to achieve this effect

    WOW, combination of your two answers helped me a lot!!! Thanks!
  4. I've been trying to make a nylon wrapper for sixpack, and I'm struggling with cloth. What is the best approach for modeling this?
  5. .OBJ Weird transparency issue

    Thanks for the answer, I figured it was thickness problem, so fixed it with cloth surface. I didn't notices that open border, i will go back and fix that. Thanks for your inputs, you were very helpful.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make this beer cap in C4D and when I export .OBJ I get this weird transparency issue. I tried aligning normals but it didn't do the trick. :( In the image below you can see what am I referring to. Any suggestions? crown.c4d