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  1. Why is my displacement acting differently on these two objects? Same displacement map, objects are different, one is primitive cylinder and other is modeled mesh from a cylinder?
  2. How to achieve this extrusion wrap around plastic bottle? I''m really stuck, tried different methods but couldn't make it. Any suggestions?
  3. I want to embed letters on the bottle surface. How can i achieve this effect?
  4. How can I achieve effect of paper wrapping around a bottle? What is the best method for doing this? Can you do it with deformers and bit of modeling or...?
  5. Thank you, used that method, and little bit of modeling and sculpting to get this deformation effect.
  6. WOW, combination of your two answers helped me a lot!!! Thanks!
  7. I've been trying to make a nylon wrapper for sixpack, and I'm struggling with cloth. What is the best approach for modeling this?



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