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  1. Cycles 4D licence for sale, hardly used, as good as new! ;) GBP 130 / USD 167 / EUR 148 / AUD 235 Official licence purchased through Insydium Ltd.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having big trouble with the free ft-UVPass plugin. Eventually I'll have to re-texture 42 flag animation inside After Effects (deadline is tight so it's not feasible to render 42 animations from Cinema 4D). Now I've put out a still image from the Material UVW pass from Cinema 4D and no matter what I do I can't get the texture in AE to map properly. Even with just something simple like a primitive plane as a model in CInema 4D. Please find my project file under the link below, hopefully someone knows how to tackle this. Many thanks in advance! https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnyyynz0s0tuov8/UV_Test.zip?dl=0
  3. Yeah same mate. Priorities came to my mind too. I'm also trying to think away from x-particles, as in how would I go about with a MoGraph tracer achieving something similar. Also that approach doesn't work as expected. I'm just puzzled, it sounds like something so casual and common to do?!
  4. I did already...they're not very active though unfortunately... Yeah, that's why I'm thinking that I'm missing something super simple. Basically attaching a spline to a moving mesh?
  5. Not exactly, no. What I did in my actual scene is to bake the skin of the rigged and animated hand into PLA, which is kind of the same I guess. In that scene I don't have any deformers going on, just the rigged/animated hand. But yeah, that didn't change a thing either.
  6. Heya everyone, I'm losing a bit of hair over this one. So I'd like to have some x-particles generated trails to follow an animated mesh. Let's say we have a simple plane with an animated Displacer. Now I'm feeding this plane into a xp follow surface modifier and assign a trails generator to my emitter. Now everything is moving nicely but the trails aren't stuck to the surface, they are not being dynamically deformed by the displacement. Basically I'd like to have the trails restricted on the plain only. This is a very simplified example, eventually I'd like to apply this to an animated mesh of a hand. Does anyone have a solution for this by any chance? I have a terrible feeling that I'm overlooking something extremely straight forward. Thanks so much! Trails_Surface_Example.c4d



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