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  1. Hi. What do you mean as "running slow"? Slow refresh in viewports? Then you must check latest drivers of your videocard...
  2. Not sure what renderer to pick?! This might help!

    Hi, 3D-Pangel. For sure, Slgor is referring to brute force (almost unbiased) rendering capabilities of AR. It´s a "secret" feature of AR, linked to reflectance channel, and linked to physical renderer. You don´t need GI with properly defined materials... Now, the problem is rendering time.
  3. Not sure what renderer to pick?! This might help!

    I love Cinema4D physical render quality. I think a denoiser system, such as Pixar ´s RenderMan or VRay has, would be a very convenient feature for shortening rendering time with Cinema´s physical renderer...
  4. Hi. Of course you can reverse engineering the materials in the starter pack, as nerv has said. It´s a great start for grasping the "how to" of Cycles materials, and the library is usable for projects also. But not to long after looking the library, you want to ask and know more... As 3DPangel has pointed out, the material tutorials in Chocofur´s site are great: very good tutorials and important hints for developing materials for Cycles. One of the best in the web. They has a tutorial for defining IES light profiles, even when Cycles don´t implement this light type yet: http://www.chocofur.com/ies-lights-in-cycles.html A proof of the versatility of nodes shading system in Cycles. Don´t forget the video manual examples, they are very well explained and easy to follow.
  5. I haven´t use the Cycles starter pack yet, wich I obtained after purchasing Cycles4D, I prefer to look for Cycles tutorials (Blender) in the web. The starter pack is, basically, a collection of shaders. The scene rendering samples, wich you can download from Insydium´s site, is by far more valuable for learning purposes: http://insydium.uk/downloads/
  6. You have reason at all to speak of this way of doing things, but all in all, this is also the problem with native Cinema complexly defined shaders, ¿doesn´t it? In fact, with Cycles you must understand the basics of a rendering engine (path tracer) to achieve good results. I don´t know how the integration of ProRender renderer in Cinema will isolate this "complexity" from the user, but I think you must grasp the basics of PBR rendering engines. But hey, good news: all path tracer renderers works in a VERY similar fashion.
  7. Hi. Cycles will get PBR materials in short, actually you can get nearly PBR materials with some investigation. Bad news: caustics doesn´t render well in Cycles (as in Arnold, as far I know). And it doesn´t support colour dispersion also (you can fake it easily, no doubt, but it´s hard to render at desired quality). My insight is that Cycles can be used for products visualization, but Maxwell is way better for this task.
  8. Hi. Learning to use a material system handled by nodes, requires a "change of mind", no doubt. But as you get more familiar with it, it shows its strength. I like the Cinema4D system of channels and tabs, but with a nodes system such as Cycles proposes, it can get you to another level of productivity and creativity. You can combine almost every property of a scene object to achieve the look you want.
  9. MAXON new Radeon ProRenderer 'leaked'

    Hi. As a recent user of Cycles 4D, I must say that for me, its the perfect render engine. Its a modern pathtracer, designed from the start to be a production capable renderer. I´ve been exploring its set of features during 3 weeks. At the begining, my thinking was "as a render engine, Cycles is a little naive". But I dont think so right now. It´s fairly easy to setup render settings to achieve the desired quality/speed. IPR works quite well, only dont think you can go with a full speed IPR window at 1280x720. ¿Dou you know of another rendering engine that can show volume rendering of fire and smoke in an IPR window? Cycles can do it. All in all, Cycles4D its the perfect companion for X-Particles, no doubt, and a serious and well suited rendering engine for VFX. ProRender for Cinema4D looks like a wellcome upgrade from Advanced/Physical render. So no doubt I will like it.