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  1. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for the response. When you say environment fog is this something that is in C4D or is it a feature of vray? I have tried to find it in C4D and can't see it. I don't have vray but am definitely interested in getting it if I get this job. Also, I saw on another blog post that you are a tutor in C4D. I have worked with C4D a lot but nothing too advanced (mainly pack shots, titles and some motion tracking). If I get this job that I was asking about do you offer a service where I would pay you for a certain number of hours and I can consult you every now and then for any questions I have with the project? I am not sure how your tutoring works. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to create an effect similar to the attached image. As the camera dollies back the buildings in the scene go lighter (to the point where they become a silhouette on the horizon). I was thinking of doing this with a mograph multi shader and then just having a falloff object move back as the camera does. What do you think? Also there is a bit of fog or atmosphere to the scene which I like. Do you think this is merely depth of field or something more? I tried the atmosphere and fog in the physical sky but it doesn't look anything like the haze that I can see in my reference video. At 8 seconds in this video (or the attached pics). Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I have created an animation where I have a ball that has landed on a floor and beneath this is a spring that launches the ball. I have used the spring in the menu: simulate/dynamics/spring Everything is working great and the spring is springing and I have also added a helix and xpresso'd it to change shape at the same height of the spring so that the spring is also visually rendered out. Only problem that I am having is that the spring launches at the very start of the animation. Is there way I can set the spring to trigger at a certain time as opposed to as soon as the animation starts. I tried to search for a similar question but I can't find it. Perhaps I am using the wrong language to describe what I am after. Anyway, any help would be awesome. Thanks!